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O'Day Javelin 14-foot Dinghy Sailboat

Six persons are comfortable in Javelin's large cockpit that's nearly 10' long with contoured seats molded the full length. Beneath the foredeck, behind a lockable hatch, is loads of dry storage for sails, lunch, and gear, and an insulated icebox is built into the cockpit seat as standard equipment.

O'Day Javelin Sailboat Sales Information and Specifications (1966)

1966 O'Day Javelin Sailboat Sales Information and Specifications

An exciting fourteen footer that will delight and please anyone with a flair for sailing a small boat. Its unique design is truly a break from convention...

O'Day Javelin Sailboat

1967 O'Day Javelin Sailboat

In designing Javelin, a fast-growing class that's being sailed and raced throughout the country, special emphasis was placed on stability and roominess.

O'Day Javelin Sailboat

1973 O'Day Javelin Sailboat

She's a centerboarder that can be sailed right up to the beach, easily trailered and launched by only two people. The outboard-mounted rudder is quickly removed for trailering.


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