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Duo Sprint for '73… Definitely a Class "A" Beginner Boat… or Second Boat

1973 Duo Sprint - a class A boat for the beginner

So you're not an experienced boater. In fact, you're just getting your feet wet. Well, Sprint has everything you need to get yourself … or your teenager … started in the world of boating.

Sprint's 14-foot round chine hull is standard equipped with pageWrapper-around Plexiglass windshield … back-to-back convertible sleeper seats … cable and pulley steering… running lights … bow cleats … and positive foam flotation. You get a spirited take-off, easy handling, and enough power for water sports. You also get a boat that's economical, easy to store, and easy to trailer. Good reasons to buy Sprint in '73.

Sprint 14 Specifications

Sprint 14 Colors


GG Archives REF: BPDUO-001-1972-C-CAT

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