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looking for the name of an early steamship, the ss restitution. did not find it, but enjoyed reading many interesting facts.

Too much information available for the time I had to look. I will come and visit again. [A common complaint - we suggest browsing when you want to learn and view historical items.

I would expect that the people that I am looking for were second or third class passengers. The passenger lists that I looked at were only saloon class. [Depending on the period you are researching, passenger lists may only be available for cabin class passengers. Third Class / Steerage passengers for pre-WWI were seldom printed.]

I was researching steamship travel from America to Europe circa 1890 and was unable to learn if direct passages was made from Baltimore to Italy. Otherwise, the site was most helpful, providing information on provisions, travel speed between New York and England, and so forth. Thanks!

Factual information to supplement the general information that we already had in our county library.

It seems to be a very valuable resource for detailed information about the immigrant process at Castle Gardens. It seems additional information can be found on Ellis Island. I've bookmarked the site and, I'm sure will refer to it often.

This is a lot to ask about a website I just stumbled on. I was looking for information about how long a voyage across the Atlantic in the late 1800 would take and I found that information. That's what I value the most.

This was my first visit. It had a wealth of pictures of Ellis Island for which I was searching. Thank you.

Site provided a few examples, but not as much reference to NY City fashion as I had hoped

The amount of menus you are able to see and learn from in one web site!!

I was trying to find information on clothing typical to Ireland in the 1930s but the latest articles were only 1922. I attempted to do a search but it went only to a google ad page. The links were very vague and since I got to the page from a google search for Irish fashion 1930 I was disappointed.

Pictures enabled me to visualise the ships my grandfather served on

I have an ancestor who trained at Camp Dix during the First World War. I read a bit about Dix on your website. That was interesting. I hoped to find an online searchable database of the soldiers who were there.

1. GG is outstanding. Discovered quite by accident...through an image search of 1930's-1040's house styles ...lucky me. 2. Thrilled by all the information, photos discovering a secret treasure. WPA page was a great help 3. So much to choose from :))) Couldn't stop reading and lost track of time. 4. Looking for info on rural NC 1930's and DC-Maryland 1940's-1950's i.e. living/lifestyles, family, work, appliances etc. Any suggestions? 5. GG respect for history=my reward. Thank you.

it was very complicated on your site . when i googled the name it came up on your site but when i clicked on to your site i couldnt find the name of the person or the ship so i felt it was a waste of my time. your site has some very good research and i did spend a lot of time just browsing but i didnt help myself find passenger lists for the ships i was after . please keep up your good work as it will be useful to someone else H x

I wanted to find out how women in 1900 kept such large hats on their heads. I have a book in which a woman is pictured wearing a hat that has a brim that extends beyond her shoulders. She was about seventeen years old. It was her confirmation photograph (so not her daily look), but other women are also pictured wearing huge hats over their Gibson Girl hairstyles. How did these women move in such hats?! Hat pins seem inadequate...

Superb collection of transatlantic shipping ephemera - as a tourism history researcher - very valuable see my blog http://tourismpast.blogspot,com

The ephemera is phenomenal--the images of menus, tickets, postcards.  I'm researching my grandfather, who worked as a steward for 25 years (eventually as a Chief Steward), and these images make his data come alive for me.  Thank you.

This was a new site to me. I am extremely interested in shipping history and genealogy but I found this site accidentally. I was looking for a recipe and found your wonderful site. I had a pleasant experience browsing and will be back again very soon.

I am grateful to be able to see images and information about the experiences my grandparents had and the times they lived in. Thank you.

Great historical documents! Easy to access the parts of the site that you need to find. Great left side menu!

I find it very good - lots of historical information. There is so much to find that I want to come back again.

The images of original materials and the apparent firsthand accounts of passengers. Absolutely fascinating stuff!

Loved the pictures and information. took awhile but it was interesting. loved the Steamship posters and tickets. Not sure of shipping routs to check for passengers. Would like to be able to see maps or examples:If someone left denmark to USA what routs or ships would they likely to have taken in 1880 or if someone immigrated from russia to Canada- what would be the likely rout that they would have taken. We could then guess the ship they were on. Wonderful website and work! Thank you.

There is a limit to the amount of transcription... no fault of yours. Do you need help with transcriptions? [Yes]

It looks great and has some rare information but it would be great if the photos were clickable to make them larger. [We are making an effort to provide larger images with an emphasis on passenger lists, menus, and hsitorical brochures. Limited resources have been this process much slower than ideal. Please consider becoming a member of the Archives]

I am looking for good resolution images on deck plans, at least to a resolution where I can see the contents. Though you have a nice selection of plans, being able to click on the image to get a larger version would be nice. [That is are goal. Our images are uploaded at 150 DPI - suitable for inclusing in research reports of students and genealogists. High resolution images may be ordered for publication of images.]

I am not sure what the abbreviations mean in the passenger ship lists. I also cannot figure out what class of passage my people were on. I would like to be able to click on the ship and be connected to the passenger lists.

I was not able to find the name of the person I was searching for on the web site. However, I did get some good references.

The passenger list for the Carmania (departed Queenstown, Ireland April 10, 1907) was not available. It is erroneously tagged at the Ellis Island site. I just did a general Google search for the ship, passenger name, and date and came up with your site. I love it and will be back. In fact, I am passing it on to my genealogy group tomorrow. If you ever run across John Broderick's departure papers (manifest) for above I would love to know. -- Maureen Gamble

I wanted to find records for the 1891 voyage of the SS Furnessia as my grandmother and her sister immigrated to America from Scotland on that ship at that time. But generally I thought your web site valuable and may subscribe to the government resources site I found out about on your site.

Great articles and photos of ships. A big help!

The surprise of discovering so many passenger lists. Thank you.

A very comprehensive website - I will use this with my students when teaching a unit on immigration at the turn of the century. I especially like the scanned photos of baggage tags, identification cards, etc. It adds a visual to something that students have only read about. It brings it to life.

I have been doing my family genealogy for several years and this is perhaps the most extraordinary site I have visited. Congratulations !!!!!!!

[I liked] The range of documents and information available. But please, find the time to scan more ship plans, brochures, interiors and menus.

It provides another resource for my personal research about my family.

I cannot find exactly what I am looking for but the site is full of information that may help in the future. I have to go away and think a while.

[I liked] Archived brochures, images, passenger lists. Wish the images were enlargable.

I was looking for a picture of the SS Prinz Adalbert. Actually, I did find one, now I'm not sure if it was on your site as this survey didn't come up immediately. In addition, I was curious where your archive was located. [At the current time, we are only accessable via our website. The archives are physically located in Atlanta, Georgia and Milwaukee, Wisconsin] Thanks for your concern in upgrading your site.

I was grateful to be able to obtain information to bring my father's 1930 trip to America to life. I am trying to collect material to present at a family reunion that will help the younger generations feel a connection to their ancestors. I did not find the passenger list for the Deutschland's arrival on June 7, 1930, but there was plenty of material that is in period that I truly enjoyed. Thank you very much.

This was my 1st visit to the site. I was pleased with the information I found. I found it easy to navigate.

Very interesting reading about where my grandfather was stationed and trained before he went off to war. Thank you.

I am preparing to teach a college class--I gained some excellent information, but only part of what I need, which is not going to gained at any one internet site.

Information not available on your site at this time. I very much appreciate the opportunity to find it for free, especially when so many sites require you to pay or sign up. Thank you again for providing such a nice service. I will be sure to recommend you to my friends.

Quality and comprehensiveness of website.

Accurate information about ships in circa 1893 for use in my book.

I was side-tracked. a good thing. thanks for a great site!

The exact ship/immigration list was not available at this time. I will definitely be visiting this site again due to a lot of other information I am interested in researching.

I was looking for images of Camp Devens and I found great images with great descriptions.

I was researching sailing times from Glasgow to Liverpool in the 1850's and just did not find that information readily available. I am just surfing the Internet trying to find this information so I did not specifically look for your site.

The wealth of information it offers...most enjoyable for an ocean liner buff. Thank you.

Materials about older ships, not found elsewhere. I am particularly interested in finding first-hand accounts of a voyage from England to Bombay (Mumbai). Wonderful site - continued good luck in your efforts. Sincerely -- Frances Morrison

Just discovered your site from a Google Image search. I am an illustrator and this is for me a treasure of inspiration and documentation. Thank you for your incredible work.

The photos of authentic documents and immigrants are great resources for a classroom lesson on immigration.

Ease of use and amount of material will enjoy it more when more passenger lists are transcribed.

My wife has a very old steamer trunk. It has a shipping tag for the Minnetonka (London to New York)in 1908. The women's name is Miss Winifred (June or Jane) Morgan. Your site was excellent in locating the ship. Unfortunately, the passenger list was not published. It would be nice to find out about the person and perhaps return the truck to her descendants. The trunk is in nice shape. (The tag also has the room number.) Perhaps you may be able to assist us in the research. Best wishes! Bart/Elise

[I liked] Information pertaining to Cal boats under Bangor Punta. [Bangor Punta is a defunct Fortune 500 company that the Gjenvick Archives has been hosting a temporary exhibit of some marketing related materials.]

I am actually very happy to have found pictures of the ship on which my great Grand parents came over. I was hoping to find a little more info about the captains of the ships and especially some photos of them. I was also wondering if there was a way to have certain questions answered. Overall, I enjoy the site very much.

It is pretty complete except for one boat...the Cal 48, which I was surprised not to see on this site!

The astounding amount of historical information. I now know a lot more about what conditions were like during their trans-Atlantic journey for ancestors who immigrated to the US from Germany (1879) and Austria (1904). I will be returning to sample even more of what you have to offer. THANK YOU.

How simple it is to find what one needs and how condensed the laws were that i was looking for ...

A lot of material to look at. Have bookmarked the page and will return soon to look at more. Thank you.

Looking for a dictionary of common genealogical terms, but if present was not as easy to find as in other sites.

It was great to see the ship my ancestors travelled on and to see the partial passenger lists.

I ran out of time! I was preparing a lesson for my students who are studying immigration.

My purpose was looking for vintage clothing of the Albanian cultural styles of the circa 1900 early. I have a children's vest from my Grandmother's possession that is about 100 years old and have some clues to its origins. It needs a home and I am working on a task to find the proper venue for it. The huge selection of areas you have in offering are most interesting as the families of the vest were also employed in foreign British trade for the Crown government.

Availability of resources. I am researching ship menus - not the physical menu but the food items. Your site is great for this - please publish as many as you can and I will be very appreciative. [Our goal is to make 100% of our menu collection available online.]

The variety of information available and the pictures are most valuable to me.

Could not find the person I was looking for but found another. I will be patient and try again when you have done more transcribing. Thank you for the site.

The only keel publication I could find for 1965 was for one graduating class in October 65 - I was in GLNT Nov65/Jan66 and was looking for our yearbook.

It came up in a Google search for 'Allan Steamship Line', about which I had known little, other than that it was founded and owned by my paternal grandfather's mother's family in Scotland and that during the early part of the 20th century most of them emigrated to Canada. Your site has valuable dates and fascinating information about the line and its ships. Thank you, -- Janet Bruce Scott (named after Great great Aunt Janet Allan)

I did not know that it [your site] existed, but now I will return to research ancestors' arrival from Norway.

Great vintage brochures of Cal and O’Day Sailboat. Yours is the best online resource that I have found. Thanks very much. -- Ross in Tampa

Lots of great information! I found a ship's brochure from 1907 that was invaluable. Thank you!

[I liked] The ability to go back in time thru ships manifests and records. I use this as research for genealogy purposes.


The site appears to have quite a bit of information about the immigration experience in the late 1800s and the early 1900s. I have not seen a site like this before. I was just surfing the web and found the site. I plan to return since there is such interesting information.

Hello, there is too much information for the first visit. I found this page through in The Netherlands, I am investigating my family tree, some persons emigrated from Holland to USA. I bookmarked the site, for a future visit.

The photos of old documents. I create prop documents for stage & screen, and examples of documents of all types are invaluable.

[I liked] Access to information about the O'Day sailboats.

Extremely well documented; incredible archive material; well-structured so one doesn't get lost in spite of those countless pages.

Good source of information not otherwise available on line.

It is easy to navigate and the information is presented clearly.

I am completely impressed with the layout and the information provided. An excellent resource that I will reference again! Thank you.

Particular ship's information not available; but this is my first time to the site and the general information on immigrant journeys is of particular interest and I will visit again to explore your website and archives. Thank you.

The details of the voyages - dates ships' names etc. which bring clarity to researching my ancestors.

Could not access the files I need. But the site itself is a wonderful resource, and I was able to find some alternative information. Thank you.

This is very personal. I was researching Captain William Henry Percy Hains, who is my great, great uncle and of course, he came up on your site. Therefore, I was very pleasantly surprised. I know there was a book written about him called The Calico Captain, but I have tried in vain to get a copy. I will be sending you an email to make contact and thank you for your terrific site.

[I liked] The full breakdown of the original documents, and the breadth of availability of them.

I was looking for information on ship departure records from the port of Glasgow and they were not included among your otherwise excellent collection of genealogical records.

It is very informative, although I had not completely reviewed all inquiries, I will revisit this site.

I was searching for the cost of a ticket for a steam-powered paddle-wheel boat during the 1800's for a report. However, I still found the site extremely informative and learned a good deal. Thank you.

I have not fully explored the website yet, but I appreciated the clarity of the layout and index that made it easy to find the info I was looking for. I will definitely be back for another visit!

I appreciate the ease of the navigation, the scope of the materials available and the actual images of vintage items. I love things that go beyond just the dry dates and facts. Your site truly brings a more interesting aspect to family history research. I am curious if you have any crewmember lists available, especially concerning the Norddeutscher Lloyd, where my great grandfather was a sailor.

Very interesting background for genealogical researchers.

[I mostly used your site for] Genealogy Research. However, I could not determine during my visit if it did or did not concentrate on a specific ethnicity or group of nationalities.

Very well presented site with some excellent materials available. My interests are old liners and the food they served on board, so I really appreciate your menus and shipping brochures. Thank you for your efforts.

The ability to get good information on various lines and ships because of the wide range of articles and brochures available at this website.

I have only just discovered this site. I write about family history, and will mention it in a forthcoming article as a source of information on ships, shipping and passenger lists.

This is my first visit. I had never seen a steamship ticket before so that was very interesting. I was looking further when the request for the survey appeared. I hope I will be able to return to archives.

Cunard Line passenger lists and information for the year 1966 have not been documented. Assume that this is a 'work in progress' of extremely large proportions. If there is such information available on-line, I would much appreciate receiving same. Thank you.

The excellent repository of out-of-print factory advertisements. Thank you!

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