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Help with Your Genealogy or Family History Archive

Many people write to us for help with their genealogy, family history research or even how to protect and preserve their family history archives.

Unfortunately, the age of free, unlimited help and assistance with genealogy is likely over for those seeking a little more than a one-paragraph response from each institution you ask. For those who can afford it, we do offer comprehensive genealogical services including research and direct assistance in setting up your family history archives.

People who want to leave a legacy worth saving for generations to come can hire us to research, assemble and document their life's legacy for their descendants in both paper and digital formats. We can work on-site or long-distance. If you are considering working with an author to write your life's story, we can research and prepare documents that will assist the writer to gain a better understanding of your life's history and hopefully, write a better biography that will get read for generations to come.

Who are best served by us?

Those over 40 years of age that have significant accomplishments in work and/or their community are more likely to appreciate the work that an professional archivist can do to document your life. Our archivist, Paul Gjenvick has a Masters of Archival Studies degree in addition to a Bachelor of Science in Accounting. He understands business, finance and accounting in addition to training and experience as an archivist. Let him get your personal archives cataloged, digitized and assembled so that future family members will want to maintain your legacy forever and build upon your principles and ideas.

What will this cost?

Our archivist services start at $75 per hour plus travel expenses. Those with extensive work histories can expect a requisite amount of time, dependent on how organized and available your records are and the scope of project (how narrow or broad). Including of other family members such as spouse and descendants also factor in to the cost of creating a family history archives.

A one-month project will typically run $12-15,000, often sufficient for a mid-level executive in your forties. High level executives, entrepreneurs, and Wall Street executives, and people located in higher priced areas like New York and Los Angeles can expect higher costs for travel expenses (meals, lodging, car rental / taxi fares, etc.). Other expenses not included in our pricing are scanners (rentals or purchased), computer disk drives for storing digital images and surrogates, costs of copying, postage, archival supplies and incidentals directly related to your project.

Get a quote today by contacting us at and include your resume/CV along with a paragraph or two on what your goal of this project will be (i.e. establish a personal archives, organize the existing family archives and related documents, or even research and document and assemble your life history). Also, please state your budget and time frame for this project.

What to Expect

We offer a personalized service geared to your interests, goals and expectations. While we don't take on every project we're approached with, we strive to cater to your specific needs. We're happy to assist you if you live in the United States or Canada. If you accept our proposal, projects estimated to take one month or less are due on acceptance at 90% of the total estimated cost with 10% holdback due at completion.

Larger projects, estimated to take two months or longer require a deposit of 50% due on acceptance, and a percentage of completion due at the beginning of each month with a 10% holdback due upon completion of the project.

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