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Cowpox Vaccination Certificate - 1821

Kokoppe Indpodnings Attest - Cowpox Vaccination Certificate - 1821

The first vaccination was made in 1796. Before the close of the century the method was practiced everywhere in Christendom. No urging was needed to induce the majority to give it trial: passengers on a burning ship do not hold aloof from the life-boats. Rich and poor, high and low, sought succor in vaccination, and blessed the name of their deliverer.

Of all the great names that were before the world in the closing days of the century, there was perhaps no other one at once so widely known and so uniformly reverenced as that of the English physician Edward Jenner.

Here is an example of a Cowpox Vaccination Certificate that was carried by an individual wherever he traveled. It was later a requirement for all passengers on steamships to have been vaccinated.

Kokoppe Indpodnings Attest

Gullich Gullichjen Levne

Født i [Vang i Oppland] og boende i Honng og ua?? 1 aar. gammel, er af mig undersfrevne, Aar 1821 den 4 November, indpodet med Koefopper. Bed nøiagtigt Cftershn imellem den 7 de og 9 de Dag efter Indpodningen har jegfundet alle de Tegn, som vise dem at være de ægte Koefopper: de vare nemlig hele ogubesfadigede, opfyldte med en flar Bædsfe, i midten nedtryffede, og omgidne med en rød Zirfel; ?? ??, har da ordentlig giennemgaaet de agteKoefopper, som betrygge siddon?? for Børnefopper i Frem=tiden; hvilfet herded, paa Ære og Gambittighed, bevidnes af Ellingføe den 17 December, Aar 1821

Kokoppe Indpodnings Attest - Cowpox Vaccination Certificate - 1821 Reverse Side

Back side of Attest. Unable to decipher.

Cowpox Vaccination Certificate

Gullich Gullichjen Levne

born in Vang i Oppland and living in Honng og ua?? 1 year, was vaccinated with cowpox by me, the undersigned, in the year 1821 on the 4th of November. Upon careful examination between the 7th and 9th day after the vaccination, I found all the sign which prove them to be genuine cowpox; namely, they were whole and undamaged, filled with a clear liquid, depressed in the middle, and surrounded by a red circle; [this person] has thus properly undergone a genuine case of cowpox, which protect him from smallpox, which is hereby certified upon my honor and conscience.

Ellingføe the 17th of December, In the Year 1821.

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