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Farewell Dinner Menu M.S. Gripsholm 29 June 1950

Menu Cover, Farewell Dinner Menu, M.S. Gripsholm, Swedish American Line, First Class, 1950

Farewell Dinner Menu from the M.S. Gripsholm of the Swedish American Line for Thursday, 29 June 1950. The Menu top center corner was folded in which angled with the sleeve of the officer's arm.

Farewell Dinner Menu

Swedish American Line

Menu Items

  • Russian Caviar Malossol
  • Clear Turtle Soup
  • Fillet of English Sole Maison D'or
  • Pheasant à la Louise XVI
  • Currant Jelly / Lettuce
  • Asparagus
  • Whipped Butter
  • Bombe Alhambra Petits-Fours
  • Coffee

Music Program

  • Knightsbridge ... Coates
  • Festival Ouverture ... Söderman
  • Gianinna Mia ... Friml
  • Korsspindeln ... Sibelius
  • Norwegian Folksongs ... arr. Haaland
  • American Songs
  • Champagne Galop ... Lumbye

Menu Items and Music Program from 1950

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