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Easter Menus from the Voyages of Steamships and Ocean Liners

Vintage Easter Menus
Easter Bill of Fare from the Cunard Line
Menu Cover 1934-04-01 Easter Dinner Menu - Mauretania

Beautiful graphic cover provides an entryway to an exceptional and extensive menu for this Au Revoir Easter Dinner onboard the Mauretania. Entees included Fresh Turtle Steaks, Sirloin Steaks Chasseur and Roast Quarter of Lamb.

Easter Bill of Fare from the United States Lines
Menu Cover 1935-04-21 Easter Dinner Menu and Musical Program

Elegant tassle string bound Easter Dinner Menu featured Boiled River Salmon, Sauce Colbert, Roast Stuffed Vermont Turkey and Legs and Saddle of Easter Lamb. Music Program included.


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