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Dinner Menu S.S. Laurentic 27 January 1928

Vintage Dinner Menu from 1928 on board the White Star Line S.S. Laurentic features gala selections for that era including Salmon `'rout, Bercy, Prawns a l'Indienne and Vermont Turkey.

Gala Dinner Menu

White Star Line

S.S. Laurentic

Mediterranean Cruise

Friday, 27 January 1928

Menu Cover for a Gala Dinner Menu, White Star Line S.S. Laurentic, 1928

Menu Items

  • Oyster Cocktails
  • Hors d'OEuvre Varies
  • Vortue Claire
  • Potage Vintimilli
  • Gibraltar Mullet, Canotiere
  • Salmon `'rout, Bercy
  • Prawns a l'Indienne
  • Cotelettes de Legumes, Nicoise
  • Haunch of Southdown Mutton, Souhise
  • Vermont Turkey, Godard
  • String Beans
  • Patna Rice
  • Salsify Fritters
  • Creamed, Boiled New and Browned Potatoes
  • Partridge, Flamande
  • Salade de Saison
  • Pouding Regence
  • Coburg Trifle
  • Savoy Biscuits
  • Lemon Ice Cream
  • Dessert

Menu Scans Contributed by Tommy N. Thompson, Oregon, USA, 2011

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