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Dinner Menu S.S. Hellig Olav 25 June 1923

Dinner Menu from the S.S. Hellig Olav of the Scandinavian American Line for Cabin Passengers on 25 June 1923 featured a very limited menu compared to other menus of that same era.

Dinner Menu and Music Program
Cabin Class
Scandinavian-American Line / Skandinavien Amerika Linie
S.S. Hellig Olav

Monday, 25 June 1923

Menu Cover, Dinner Menu, S.S. Hellig Olav, Scandinavian American Line, June 1923

Menu Items

  • Chicken Broth with Rice
  • Boiled Striped Bass with creamed Horseradish
  • Roast Loin of Veal Cauliflower a la hollandaise
  • Compote Cucumber
  • Rubensteinercake
  • Fruits
  • Coffee

S. S. Hellig Olav 25. Juni 1923


  • Chicken Broth med Ris
  • Kogt stribet Bass med Flodepeberrod
  • Kalvenyresteg Blomkaal a la hollandaise
  • compot Agurker
  • Rubensteinerkage
  • Frugt
  • Kaffe

Musik Program

Afdeling A

  • Sousa
    King Cotton Marsh
  • Schubert
    " Rosamunde", Ouverture
  • Fetras
    Bei Nacht and Nebel, Vals
  • Kahnt
    Beriihmte Romanze, in F
  • Armandola
    Fra Sondag Nat til Mandag Morgen,
    Fox trot
  • J. Strauss
    Radelzky 1Vlarsch

Dansk Repro Anstalt

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Menu Cover Menu Items in Danish Menu Items in English Musik Program
Menu Cover Menu Items in Danish Menu Itesm in English Musik Program

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