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Vintage Menus - Breakfast - Steamships and Ocean Liners Voyages

Breakfast Bill of Fare from the Anchor Line
Breakfast Menu, T.S.S. California, Anchor Line, Sunday, 1 June 1930 1930-06-01 Breakfast Menu Card - T.S.S. California
Breakfast Menu Card On Board the T.S.S. Calfornia of the Anchor Line for Sunday, 1 June 1930 featuring traditional breakfast choices and Suate of Ox Kidney, Fried Smelts and Kippered Herring.
Breakfast Bill of Fare from the American Merchant Lines
Breakfast Menu Card, S.S. American Farmer, American Merchant Lines, 1934 1934-06-30 Breakfast Menu Card - American Farmer

Rare Breakfast Menu Card from the American Merchant Lines featured Salmon Fish Cake, Grilled Yorkshire Ham, and Chipped Smoked Beef in Cream.

Breakfast Bill of Fare from the Atlantic Transport Line
Breakfast Menu, Atlantic Transport Line S.S. Minnekahda 1928 1928-04-02 Breakfast Menu - S.S. Minnekahda

This is a Breakfast menu from Cabin Class for the 31 March 1928 Westbound Voyage of the Minnekahda from London to New York. Includes some wonderful selections from that era like Devilled Mutton Kidneys and Minced Lamb on Toast.

Breakfast Bill of Fare from the Cunard Line
Breakfast Menu Card and Liquor/Tobacco List, R.M.S. Campania, Cunard Line, 1898 1898-09-10 Breakfast Menu Card and Liquor/Tobacco List

Nineteenth Century Menu Card with a Liquor by the Drink List on the reverse side, served on board the R.M.S. Campania of the Cunard Line. Breakfast menu featured Fried Plaice, Broiled Finnan Haddin and Smoked Wiltshire Bacon.

Breakfast Menu, Cunard Line R.M.S. Laconia 1914-09-08 Breakfast Menu - Laconia (I)

Breakfast menu card from the steamship Laconia on a Westbound voyage from Liverpool to Boston, arriving in Boston on 9 September 1914 featuring Grilled Cod Steaks and Yarmouth Bloaters

Breakfast Menu, Cunard Line R.M.S. Berengaria 1927 1927-08-05 Breakfast Menu - Berengaria

Elegant Breakfast menu from the Cunard Line R.M.S. Berengaria from Friday, 9 August 1927 on an Eastbound Voyage from New York to Southampton. Extensive menu selections including Brands of cereal popular in the late 1920s.

Front Cover, Breakfast Menu, R.M.S. Berengaria, Cunard Line, July 1929 1929-07-18 Breakfast Menu - Berengaria

A rather expansive menu greeted passengers on the morning of Thursday, 18 July 1929 that featured Omelettes, Hashed Turkey -- Creole style and American and Wiltshire Smoked and Pale Bacon.

Breakfast Bill of Fare from the Hamburg American Line (Hamburg-Amerika Linie)
Menu Cover 1902-02-26 Breakfast Menu - Deutschland

Breakfast Menu for the steamship Deutschland of the Hamburg-American Line featured a typical American fare including Buckwheat Pancakes, Omelots, Ham, Bacon, in addition to Rumpsteak, Calf's Liver and Grilled Vienna Sausages.

Breakfast Bill of Fare from the North German Lloyd - Norddeutscher Lloyd
Breakfast Menu, Norddeutscer Lloyd Bremen S.S. Rhein - 1909 1909-09-13 Breakfast Menu - Rhein

This breakfast menu is for an unamed class of passengers for the 3 September 1909 westbound voyage of the S.S. Rhein of the Norddeutscher Lloyd Bremen Steamship Line. The menu is written in English and German.

Tourist Class Breakfast Menu from 1933 - North German Lloyd 1933-09-21 Breakfast Menu - Bremen (Tourist Class)

Tourist Class Breakfast Menu Card from Norddeutscher Lloyd (North German Lloyd) on their steamship S.S. Bremen for Thursday, 21 September 1933. Written in German and English, the meal featured Fruit, Juices, Cereal, Eggs, Hash, Ham, Bacon and Fried Potatoes.

Breakfast Bill of Fare from the White Star Line
1919-07-06 Breakfast MenuCard - R.M.S. Celtic 1919-07-06 Breakfast MenuCard - R.M.S. Celtic

Post World War I Breakfast Menu Card from the R.M.S. Celtic of the White Star Line offers typical breakfast fare of Eggs, Saratoga Potatoes, Broiled Wiltshire Bacon and Broiled Palethorpe Sausage with Savoury Rice.


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