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Vintage Breakfast Menu, Hamburg-American Line, S.S. Deutschland, 26 February 1902

Breakfast Menu for the steamship Deutschland of the Hamburg-American Line featured a typical American fare including Buckwheat Pancakes, Omelots, Ham, Bacon, in addition to Rumpsteak, Calf's Liver and Grilled Vienna Sausages.

Breakfast Menu

Hamburg Amerika Linie / Hamburg America Line

S.S. Deutschland

Commodore Albers

Wednesday, 26 February 1902

Front Cover, Breakfast Menu, S.S. Deutschland, Hamburg-American Line, 1902


  • Coffee, Tea, Cocoa, Chocolate
  • Buckwheat-Pancake, Hominy, Oatmeal
  • Flaked Rice, Hominy-Pancake, apple-Pancake
  • Fried Bananas, baked ikpple Dumplings
  • Hominy-Omelet
  • Pancake with Marmalade or Cranberries
  • Potato-Pancake with Cranberries

Eggs in every Style

  • Ham, Bacon with Eggs, Omelet with Tomatoes
  • Plain Omelet, Omelet aux Confitures, Omelet with Parmesancheese
  • Omelet with Mushrooms
  • Omelet with fire Herbs, Omelet with Ham
  • Fish-Balls, Sole
  • Rumpsteak with Herbbutter
  • Beefsteak a la Tatar, Mutton Chop, broiled Beefsteak
  • Engl. Mutton Chop
  • Calf's liver with Bacon and Onions
  • Grill. Vienna Sausages, Paprika-Steak
  • Baked Potatoes
  • Potatoes in every Style

Cold dishes

  • Ox-Tongue, Westph. Ham, Cervelat, Chicken
  • Russ. Sardines, Sardines in Oil, Sardels, smoked Eel


  • Swiss, Roquefort, Cidam, Dutch
  • Russ. Prairie, empire, Herb
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Menu Cover Breakfast Menu, In German Breakfast Menu Selections Back Cover
Front Cover Breakfast Menu, In German Breakfast Menu Selections Back Cover

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