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Hamburg-American Line Archives of Historical Documents, Passenger Lists, etc.

Hamburg Amerika Linie / Hamburg American Line / Hamburg Amerikanische Packetfahrt Actien Gesellschaft (HAPAG)

Hamburg-Amerika Linie

Hamburg-American Line was one of the major steamship companies to handle the immigrant trade. Their primary routes of Hamburg, Germany to New York via Southampton were supplemented by other vessels that called on the ports of Portland ME, Baltimore, Boston, Philadelphia, Galveston and New Orleans, in addition to Canadian ports.

Their early passenger lists featured some of the most intricate and beautiful graphic designs, especially prior to World War One. They are a favorite among collectors who value these passenger lists from the Hamburg American Line for their artwork, instead of their historical value. This unfortunately, makes the pre-1918 passenger lists quite scarce for this steamship line.

Hamburg-American Line or Hamburg-America Line. We are often asked this question - officially, the English branding of this steamship line, based on their published materials was The Hamburg-American Line. A simple translation from German to English of "Hamburg Amerika Linie" is "Hamburg America Line". Hamburg America Line, while correctly translating the German to English is not correct in referring to steamship line as they intended. Many get this incorrect including wikipedia (; Norway Heritage (; and a lenghtly list of others. The GG Archives gets it right because we have a large collection of original steamship ephemera and we are able to research the correct response to this and other questions.

Special Collections of the Hamburg-American Line

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Vintage Magazines (Published by Hamburg-American Line)

Ship Histories and Specification

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