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Hamburg American Line (HAPAG) Historical Steamship Menus at the Archives

Steamship Menus from European based steamship lines offer great insight into the foods served for each meal. Favorite German dishes were a staple of many voyages for the many meals served on the ships of the Hamburg American Line. Refrigeration afforded them considerably variety in the foods prepared during the 7 to 12 day voyage from Germany to the United States.

Vintage Breakfast Menus
Breakfast Bill of Fare from the Hamburg American Line (Hamburg-Amerika Linie)
Front Cover 1902-02-26 Breakfast Menu - Deutschland

Breakfast Menu for the steamship Deutschland of the Hamburg-American Line featured a typical American fare including Buckwheat Pancakes, Omelots, Ham, Bacon, in addition to Rumpsteak, Calf's Liver and Grilled Vienna Sausages.


Vintage Dinner Menus
Dinner Bill of Fare from the Hamburg American Line (Hamburg-Amerika Linie)
Menu for the Main Meal on board the S.S. Hamburg, July 1933 1933-07-02 Vintage Menu - Main Meal - Hamburg

This is the Main Meal Menu from a July 1933 Voyage of the Hamburg American Line S.S. Hamburg. In the form of a menu card, this simple menu featured Philadelphia Pepper Pot, Roast Ribs and German Puff Pastries. In German with English Translation.


Vintage Luncheon Menus
Luncheon Bill of Fare from the Hamburg American Line (Hamburg-Amerika Linie)
Front, Lunch Menu, S.S. Moltke, Hamburg-American Line, July 1905 1905-07-24 Luncheon Menu Card - Moltke

Uniquely constructed luncheon menu card from the S.S. Moltke of the Hamburg-American Line consisting of 3 pieces of paper glued together by design. Featured quality graphics common among German steamship lines of that era.



Steamship Menus

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