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Cosulich Line - Trieste Archives of Historical Documents, Passenger Lists, etc.

Cosulich Line - Trieste

Cosulich Line - Trieste or Cosulich Societa Triestina di Navigazione was owned by the Cosulich brothers and operated as Cosulich Line after World War I until it was merged with the Italian Line in 1937. Ports of call included New York, Boston, Azores, Lisbon, Gibraltar, Marseilles, Cannes, Naples, Patras and Trieste.

Cosulich Societa Triestina di Navigazione offers express passenger service to Algiers, Naples, Patras, Venice, Dubrovnik, Trieste and Fiume. Freight service to Venice, Trieste, Fiume and other ports as inducements offer. Taking cargo in connection with Lloyd Triestino Societa di Navigazione a Vapore and other connecting lines for Mediterranean, Levant, Black Sea, Red Sea and Far East destinations.

Cosulich Line Passenger Lists

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