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Canadian Pacific Line (CPOS) Archives of Historical Documents, Passenger Lists, etc.

Canadian Pacific Ocean Services - CPOS

The Canadian Pacific Ocean Services Steamship Line offers First Class (via their Empress Ocean Liners) and Cabin Service between Montreal and Quebec Canada and Southampton - Liverpool; Glasgow - Belfast; Cherbourg - Antwerp; and, Queenstown - Hamburg. During the winter, departures are from Saint John NB.

Canadian Pacific CPOS Passenger Lists

Vintage Farewell Dinner Menus
Farewell Dinner Bill of Fare from the Canadian Pacific (CPOS)
1930-08-12 Farewell Dinner Menu - Dutchess of Atholl 1930-08-12 Farewell Dinner Menu - Dutchess of Atholl

Farewell Dinner Menu from the S.S. Dutchess of Athol for Tuesday, 12 August 1930 Tourist Third Cabin Passengers. Menu featured Fillet of Whiting, Salmi of Duckling and Prime Roast Beef.


Documents on Canadian Pacific Ocean Services in the Archives

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