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Baltic America Line Steamship Brochures and Historical Archives

Baltic American Line - The Direct Steamship Line

The Baltic America Line offered passenger steamship service between the ports of New York, Hamburg, Danzig, Libau and Halifax with a fleet of four ocean liners. The fleet consisted of the steamers Latvia, Polonia, Lituania and Estonia. They offered intermediate class accommodations for First Class, Cabin, Tourist and Third Class passengers. They were in operation for less than a decade during the 1920s. In 1930 the Baltic American Line was taken over by the Polish Transatlantic Shipping Company (Gdynia-Amerika Linje).

The Baltic America Line was formed out of the former Russian East Asiatic Company's liners Czaar, Czaritza and Kursk which were renamed the Estonia, Lituania and Polonia and operated under the Dainsh Flag. They provided service between Libau, Danzig and New York. They are often referred to as the Baltic American Line.


Baltic America Line
Baltic America Line 1912 Brochure 1920s Brochure: Baltic America Line Fleet - Includes the Steamships: Latvia, Polonia, Lithuania and Estonia
This post World War I brochure published circa 1920 offers a rare look at the Baltic America Line and its fleet of steamships consisting of the Latvia, Polonia, Lituania and Estonia. This line covered the routes between New York, Hamburg, Danzig, Libau and Halifax. Large interior and exterior photographs offers views of an intermediate class steamship. Also provides 54 pages packed with information about the service,accommodations, speed and rates with 33 illustrations and Photographs and a large map of their transatlantic routes. Their fleet of three steamers included the S.S. Latvia, S.S. Polonia and S.S. Lituania.


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