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Anchor Line Archives of Historical Documents, Passenger Lists, etc.

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The Anchor Line operated transatlantic steamship passenger service between the ports in the United States including: New York, Boston, Philadelphia, and Baltimore; Canadian Ports of Montreal, Quebec, Halifax; to UK Ports of call including: Southampton, Plymouth, Liverpool, London, Londonderry, Glasgow, Queenstown, Bristol; and, the European Ports of Cherbourg and Hamburg.

All the names of their Ocean Liners in their passenger and freight fleet ended with the suffix "ia." Research, and learn about this transatlantic passenger and freight steamship line that brought many immigrants to the North American Continent.

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Anchor Line. was established in 1852. by Messrs. Handyside and Henderson (now Henderson Bros.). with a service from the Clyde to Portuguese and Spanish ports il%tending later to Mediterranean ports. In 1856 they started a trade between Glasgow and New York. and the Mediterranean and New York, and now maintain. in addition. a service between the United Kingdom. Bombay and Calcutta and the chief Mediterranean ports, which has been vigorously pushed with fine steamers. increasing in size. in cargo carrying capacity. and in speed with the development of the trade.

- 1908 Encyclopaedia of Ships and Shipping

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