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American Merchant Lines Archives of Historical Documents, Passenger Lists, etc.

American Merchant Lines Top Banner Logo 1928

American Merchant Lines operated transatlantic services between the ports of New York, Plymouth, and London They uniquely named their vessels -- all starting with the word "American" followed by other common merchant terms including Banker, Farmer, Merchant, Shipper, Trader.

They sailed from Chelsea Piers, Pier 7, North River, New York, every Thursday direct from New York to London. These Piers were in close proximity to Pennsylvania Railroad and Grad Central Stations at the Foot of 18th Street.

Passengers were met at the Royal Albert Docks in London by Saloon Motor Coaches and Baggage Lorries that convey the passengers and baggage to Hearns Motor Coach Station, 234 Gray's Inn Road, London W.C.1 where luggage was sorted.

In 1924, services previously operated by five managing agents and the United States Lines from North Atlantic ports to the United Kingdom were consolidated under the management of two companies, one covering the east coast of the United Kingdom and the other the west coast of the UK and Irish ports. The services to the east coast of the UK were given the trade name "American Merchant Lines" and those to the west coast of the United Kingdom and Irish ports the name "Oriole Lines." (Note 1)

During 1930, The United States Shipping Lines advertisements offered New York to London weekly service by five fine ships of the American Merchant Lines for $100.

The Five Ships were the American Banker, American Merchant, American Importer, American Shipper and American Trader.

Documents of the American Merchant Lines at the Archives

American Merchant Lines Passenger Lists

American Merchant Lines Menus

Note 1: Sixth-Seventeenth Annual Report of the United States Shipping Lines (United States Lines) Page 78 FY 1922-25

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