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Allan Royal Mail Line Archives - Historical Documents, Passenger Lists, etc.

Allan Line Royal Mal Steamers - Top Banner 1908

The Allan Line operated steamships that covered Transatlantic routes between ports in the United Kingdom (Glasgow, Londonderry, Belfast, Liverpool and London) to North American Ports of Call. Canadian Ports served included Quebec, Montreal, St. Johns, and Halifax. US Ports included: Portland, Boston, New York, Philadelphia and Baltimore.

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AIlan Line, was originally founded as the Montreal Ocean Steamship Company formed by the Allan Brothers, who had been connected with Canada as sailing-Ship owners since 1820, The company began a mail service between Liverpool, Quebec and Montreal in April, 18S6, and have since continued to meet and promote the postal, commercial and immigrational requirements of the vast Dominion of Canada,

In the course of its career it has absorbed the deet of the old State Line of Glasgow, and the greater part of the deet of the Royal Exchange Shipping Company, and of the Hill Line, From the time of the Crimean War, down to the South African .campaign, the company's vessels have been employed as transports, on occasions of national emergency.

The finest vessels of the company are run in the mail service from Liverpool to the St Lawrence ports in the summer, to Halifax and St John's (N.B,) during the winter season, when the river is closed. The Virginian, the first turbine propelled Atlantic steamer, beat all records in August 1905, between Moville and Rimouski, the actual steaming time between ports being S days 21 hours. The vessel being out of sight of land only 3 days 21 hours. The Twnisian, crossing from Liverpool to Quebec, has done the land to land passage in 4 days 4.5 hours, and the Victorian in 4 days I hour.

- 1908 Encyclopedia of Ships and Shipping

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