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CANAPES, Defined, Types and Recipes

CANAPES—A French term literally meaning a " couch," used in a culinary sense as a bed or something to rest savory foods on, usually in the form of bread or toast covered with minces, pastes, etc., then decorated.

ANCHOVY CANAPES—Hard boiled eggs and anchovies finely minced and spread on buttered toast. Also, very shallow gem pans lined with pie paste and baked, then filled when cold with anchovies pounded to a paste with Gruyere cheese, inverted on a circle of buttered toast and garnished with minced gherkins. Also, a mixture of chopped anchovies, grated ham, truffles and gherkins mixed and moistened with salad oil and caper vinegar, then filled into very small patty cases ; served garnished with pieces of toast and aspic jelly.

CANAPES BERNE, OR SWISS CANAPES - Triangle-shaped pieces of toast spread with anchovy butter, decorated with minced whites of eggs down one side, yolks on the other, and the third with minced green gherkins, and a stuffed olive in the centre.

CANAPES OF CRAB—Circles of toast spread with deviled crab meat, sprinkled with Parmesan cheese and browned in the oven (called CANAPE LORENZO).

CANAPES OF SMOKED SALMON—Strips of toast spread with anchovy butter, a thin circle of smoked salmon on top, the edges decorated with hard boiled eggs minced and mixed with chopped parsley.

CANAPES OF CHICKEN LIVERS—Chicken livers sautéed with an onion till tender, then pounded to a paste with a dash of anchovy essence, salt, red pepper and butter, piled in pyramid form on fried shapes of bread, smoothed with a knife and made hot in the oven ; served decorated with slices of pimentoes and rings of red chilies.

CANAPES OF SHRIMPS—Fancy shaped slices of toast spread with shrimp paste and decorated with coiled shrimps.

CANAPES OF POTTED TONGUE—Circles of brown bread toast spread with potted tongue and decorated in lattice form with strips of red cooked tongue.

INDIAN CANAPES—Circles of bread fried in butter, spread first with potted ham, then with chutney, strewed with Parmesan cheese, browned in the oven and served.

CANAPES OF POTTED HAM—Strips of toast spread with potted ham, then sprinkled with grated ham, decorated with thin slices of green gherkins.

SARDINE CANAPES—Triangle-shaped pieces of toast spread with a mixture of equal parts of boiled egg yolks and sardines pounded to a paste and seasoned with red pepper and lemon juice, decorated with a coiled anchovy out of oil in the centre.

CANAPES OF CAVIAR—Circles of toast, the edges spread with anchovy butter, with an onion ring as its base, the ring filled with Russian caviar.

OLIVE CANAPES—Circles of buttered toast with a coiled anchovy on it, and a stuffed olive in the centre of the coil. Also circles of toast fried in butter, then spread with anchovy paste, minced olives and capers on top.

CANAPE CHASSEUR—Triangle shaped pieces of toast spread with a game forcemeat, the edges decorated with another forcemeat of game but of different color.

CANAPES OF OYSTERS — Strips of toast spread with blanched and minced oysters mixed into a Hollandaise sauce, sprinkled with parsley dust. Clams may be treated the same way and named accordingly.

SAVORY CANAPES—Strips of toast spread with a mixture of grated ham, cheese, cream sauce and scrambled eggs, the edges decorated with lobster coral.

CANAPE MADISON—Slices of toast on which is laid a thin slice of lean ham spread with French mustard, this again is spread with a cold white sauce containing minced cooked onions, garlic, and cheese; Parmesan cheese is then dredged on top, sprinkled with fine bread crumbs, baked and served.

CHICKEN CANAPES—Circles of toast spread with chicken forcemeat in which is worked cream and butter, dredged with Parmesan cheese and baked, then decorated in the centre with a stamped piece of white of egg.

CREOLE CANAPES—Grated lean ham, onion, garlic and chopped parsley with pieces of peeled tomatoes and minced green peppers, seasoned with salt and pepper, stewed down dry, then spread on strips of buttered toast, dredged with Parmesan cheese and baked.

SCOTCH CANAPES—Breast of chicken, red tongue and lean ham all cut into very small dice, seasoned with nutmeg and a little curry powder, then worked into a thick Vélonté sauce, spread on slices of toast, dredged with Parmesan cheese and baked, (also called, CANAPE ABERDEEN).

CANAPE WINDSOR—Strips of toast spread with a forcemeat of any kind of white fleshed fish, seasoned with mustard and Worcestershire sauce, dredged with Parmesan cheese and baked.

CANAPE CABILLAUD—Triangle shaped pieces of toast spread with a forcemeat made of boiled salt codfish, mixed with minced green peppers and spring onions seasoned with tarragon vinegar, decorated with capers.

MADRAS CANAPES—Circles of toast spread with a mixture of finely minced white fleshed fish, Madras chutney and sweet pickles, moistened with Hollandaise sauce, dredged with Parmesan cheese and baked, (also called, CANAPE WINCHESTER).

CHEESE CANAPES—Strips of bread hollowed out half their thickness, then toasted, the inner part sprayed with Worcestershire sauce, the cavity then fitted with a slice of Swiss cheese, baked, and served very hot.

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