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Passenger List - Red Star Line - R.M.S. Vaderland - 16 September 1911

First Class Passenger List for the R.M.S. Vaderland of the Red Star Line, Deparing 16 September 1911 from Antwerp to New York via Dover, Commanded by Captain R. Prager.

Notable Passengers: Frank Brett Noyes, William Emmanuel Rappard, William Peterfield Trent

List of First Class Passengers
Red Star Line
R.M.S. Vaderland
From Antwerp to New York via Dover
Saturday, 16 September 1911

List of Senior Officers

  1. Captain : R. Prager
  2. Surgeon : Ur M. Bertrand
  3. Purser : J. Caporin
  4. Chief Steward : C. Jeppesen

List of First Class Passengers

Front Cover - 16 September 1911 Passenger List, R.M.S. Vaderland, Red Star Line

  1. Miss Helen J. Almy
  2. Miss Mary Angeonie
  3. Arnold Aronovice
  4. Mrs. W. P. Atwell
  5. Mrs. Dale Bakewell
  6. Miss Hazel Bakewell
  7. Mr. P. Bonner Bakewell
  8. Mr. Ralph B. Bettmann
  9. Mr. C. W. Booth
  10. Mr. Wilhelm Brecke
  11. Mr. D. E. Brown
  12. Mr. J. B. Byrne
  13. Mrs. Byrne
  14. Mr. Merritt T. Cooke
  15. Mrs. Cooke
  16. Miss Eliz. E. Cooke
  17. Mrs. A. G. Crawford
  18. Miss Marg. Crawford
  19. Rev. Joseph Cunneely
  20. Miss Herma Dalossy
  21. Mrs. Wm. B. Davenport
  22. Mrs. E. W. Dayton
  23. Mr. Jack W. Dayton
  24. Mr. Wm. De Wolf-Dimock
  25. Mrs. De Wolf-Dimock
  26. Miss Emily C. Dimock
  27. Mr. Willi Diebel
  28. Mrs. E. C. Dillingham
  29. Miss Alice Dillingham
  30. Miss Josephine Doorley
  31. Mr. E. B. Dustan
  32. Mrs. E. W. Dustan
  33. Mr. D. P. Fackler
  34. Miss E. D. Fackler
  35. Mr. H. Feremans
  36. Mrs. Feremans
  37. Miss Elizabeth Fisher
  38. Mr. J. B. Fletcher
  39. Mrs. Fletcher
  40. Miss Margaret Fletcher
  41. Master Jefferson Fletcher
  42. Rev. James Franz
  43. Mr. Robert Frazer
  44. Mrs. Frazer
  45. Mr. Jose E. Gonzalez
  46. Mrs. Gonzalez
  47. Miss Jula Gonzalez
  48. Miss Luz Gonzalez
  49. Mrs. Louise Gress
  50. Miss Elsie Heil
  51. Miss Laura Hellmann
  52. Mr. Southmayd Henderson
  53. Mrs. Henderson
  54. Miss Josephine Henderson
  55. Mr. Theo. Heinrich
  56. Mr. R. Randolph Hicks
  57. Mrs. Hicks
  58. Mr. S. M. Hohl
  59. Mrs. H. D. Hooker, Jr.
  60. Mr. Hooker, Jr.
  61. Miss Johnson
  62. Mr. Robert N. Kenyon
  63. Mrs. Kenyon
  64. Miss Anna B. Kerr
  65. Miss Elenor Kerr
  66. Mr. H. Irvine Keyser
  67. Mrs. Keyser and Maid
  68. Miss Ann Franklin Keyser
  69. Mr. Wm. T. Kuhns
  70. Mrs. Kuhns
  71. Miss Margaret Kuhns
  72. Miss Elizabeth Kuhns
  73. Miss Helene La Bonte
  74. Mrs. C. H. Lang
  75. Miss Edith L. Lang
  76. Mrs. W. Le Cerff
  77. Mr. Frank Le Cerff
  78. Miss Laurentine Le Maire
  79. Mrs. Susan E. Leves
  80. Mrs. R. M. Lowe
  81. Mr. Gilbert R. Lowe
  82. Miss Marie McGuire
  83. Mrs. M. H. Mackay
  84. Mr. Kenneth McKenzie
  85. Mrs. McKenzie
  86. Miss Mary J. McNulty
  87. Mr. Ludwig F. Maierle
  88. Dr Byron E. Miller
  89. Mrs. Miller
  90. Mr. E. C. Mix
  91. Mrs. Mix
  92. Miss Alvina Moehle
  93. Miss Ella F.. Moore
  94. Miss L. R. Morris
  95. Mrs. Herbert Myrick
  96. Miss Christine Myrick
  97. Mr. John L. Newbold
  98. Mrs. Newbold
  99. Master John L. Newbold, Jr.
  100. Mrs. Charles Newbold
  101. Mr. Frank B. Noyes
    Frank Brett Noyes (July 7, 1863 - December 1, 1948) was president of the Washington Evening Star and a founder of the Associated Press. He was a son of Crosby Stuart Noyes
  102. Mrs. Noyes
  103. Mr. Newbold Noyes
  104. Mr. Wm. T. Nuttall
  105. Mr. C. A. O'Connor
  106. Mrs. Geo. F. Parmelee
  107. Miss Virginia T. Peacock
  108. Miss Sarah B. Peacock
  109. Miss Victoria Peacock
  110. Miss Lucy W. Perry
  111. Mr. A. Hulshoff Poll
  112. Mr. Edward Ponsland
  113. Mrs. Pauline S. Proctor
  114. Mr. Oscar S. Proctor
  115. Mr. Wm. Rappard
    William Emmanuel Rappard (April 22, 1883 – April 29, 1958) was an influential academic and diplomat of the interwar-period, a passionate defender of the international scene
  116. Mrs. Rappard
  117. Master Max Rappard
  118. Master Charles Rappard and Maid
  119. Miss Evelyn Riddle
  120. Mrs. Geo. W. B. Roberts
  121. Miss Edith L. Roberts
  122. Miss E. B. Roberts
  123. Miss D. M. Roberts
  124. Miss Virginia Roberts
  125. Dr. Thos. E. Satterthwaite
  126. Mrs. Satterthwaite and Maid
  127. Mr. Townsend Scott
  128. Mrs. Scott
  129. Miss Helen T. Scott
  130. Miss Gwendolyn T. Scott
  131. Mr. Townsend Scott, Jr.
  132. Mrs. Jette Silbermann
  133. Dr. S. E. Simmons
  134. Mrs. Simmons
  135. Master Bradford Simmons
  136. Miss Elizabeth Simmons and Governess
  137. Mr. A. Shulsinger
  138. Mr. W. H. Singer
  139. Mrs. Singer
  140. Miss Lillian Smith and Maid
  141. Mr. R. W. Springer
  142. Mrs. Springer
  143. Miss C. Springer
  144. Master E. Springer
  145. Mr. Thos. J. Stewart
  146. Mrs. N. B. Stewart
  147. Master Gordon Stewart
  148. Miss Mary Washington Stewart
  149. Mr. John Stewart
  150. Mrs. Chas. N. Stokes
  151. Miss Hazel J. Stokts
  152. Miss Gertrude A. Stone
  153. Mr. Charles F. Sulzer
  154. Mrs. Isabel H. Sutliff
  155. Isabella Taylor
  156. Mr. De Courcy Thom
  157. Mrs. Thom
  158. Miss Mary Gordon Thom
  159. Mr. Geo H. Thomas
  160. Mr. Henry Thompson
  161. Mrs. Thompson
  162. Miss Katherine M. Thompson
  163. Mr. R. D. Totten
  164. Mrs. Totten and Maid
  165. Miss Eliz Totten
  166. Miss Phyllis Totten
  167. Miss Louise Totten
  168. Mrs. B. P. Traitel
  169. Miss Ruth Traitel
  170. Mr. Wm. P. Trent
    William Peterfield Trent, LL.D., D.C.L. (10 November 1862 – 1939) was a professor of English literature at Columbia University, an American editor, and a historian
  171. Mrs. Trent (Alice Lyman)
  172. Master Wm. P. Trent, Jr.
  173. Miss Lucia Trent
  174. Mrs. Archibald Turner
  175. Mr. Geo. Turner
  176. Mrs. Turner
  177. Dr C. W. A. Veditz
  178. Mrs. Veditz
  179. Master Jean Veditz
  180. Miss Florence von Sickler
  181. Miss Mary L. Wallace
  182. Miss E. B. White
  183. Mr. Geo. A. Whiting
  184. Mrs. Whiting
  185. Miss Ellena Custus Whiting
  186. Master Lawrence L. Whiting and Maid
  187. Miss Mary B. Wilson
  188. Mrs. Fredk. Wood
  189. Miss Margaret Wood
  190. Miss Eleanor K. Wood
  191. Miss Louisa Zurcher

Information for Passengers

The Passenger Service of the Red Star Line is maintained entirely by Twin Screw Steamers. the Largest AN I Fastest Steamers between Antwerp and NewYork.

Travelers' Cheques payable in all parts of Europe can be purchased at all the principal offices of the Red Star Line.

Public Telephones With Booths and Operator On all NewYork Piers

Meals will be served as follows:
pt Class t 8 - lo a.m. at 71; IZ.M. Passengers
Breakfast • . . from , p.m. of accounts,
Children table at LE noon. as follows I
Luncheon . . at 7 p nit Second Class t
Children table at 6 p.m. Breakfast . . . from 8 - 9 a.m.
Dinner at Lights are at 12 Midnight. Passengers to the Second on board Dinner . . . . at e2 noon

Children table the LetterRoxes to the Saloon g, Dover or to make for treating on board will be made Sapper • - . . et 6 p.m.

The Bar closes at 11 p.m. and in the Smoking Rooms For seats at table First Class Second Class Passengers steamer Chairs can be rented of 5 Francs each. a complaint on board Nightmeal • . . from go- eo p.m.

Letters should be put i n handed to the Purser or before arriving at Flu Shin The Surgeon is authorized approval of the Commander, any illness not originating loped on board no charge in all circumstances. The Chief Steward holds Wirconigrams are accented Writing Paper,

Envelopes Library. Saloons and the second Class obtained from Time Tables Waiters. at the NewYork do so and have on arrival. but of their Breakfast extinguished In the Saloons at 11 p'..M.

Library : Rooks rbay be and upon who meet purchased, from the NewYork should apply to the Second Steward, Class Steward.

Railway and steamship obtained from the Saloon will not by First Class Passengers at a charge
Should the steamer arrive may land if they wish to authorities immediately may do so and have the whole not earlier than 7 o'clock. board over-night. but are name. to and Telegrams for dispatch on shore Waiter against receipt, latest 1 hour Quarantine station . (Staten Island , N .1, .1 customary charges, subject to the any Passengers at their request for the ship. In the case of sickness deveand medicine will be provided free

Unon landing at Newyork, sentatives of the Railroads, Railroad Tickets may be Passengers may be checked Lines of the Pennsylvania, Railroads. carriage, the book at the disposal of the Passengers. by the Purser and by the Saloon waiter. Forms will be found in the Ladies Room.
valuables. — The Company and other Valuables of Passengers. articles in their staterooms, and marked with the owner's as rio charge is made for for loss or damage, however Travelers' Cheques of accepted on board in payment funds to enable them to Letters may be addressed and they will be retained arising. 10-11 a.m. and from 4-5 p.m.

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