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Passenger List, S.S. Nieuw Amsterdam, 29 May 1915

Cabin Passenger List for the T.S.S. Nieuw Amsterdam of the Holland-America Line, Departing 29 May 1915 from Rotterdam to New York, Commanded by Captain J. Baron.

List of Cabin Passengers
Holland-America Line
T.S.S. Nieuw Amsterdam
Captain J. Baron, Lt. R. N. R.
From Rotterdam to New York
Saturday, 29 May 1915

Senior Officers and Staff

Passenger List, T.S.S. Nieuw Amsterdam, Holland-America Line, May 1915, Rotterdam to New York

  • Commander: J. Baron, Lt. R.N.R.
  • Chief-Officer: LIEBAU
  • Chief-Engineer: SAUER
  • Purser: GELEEDTS
  • Chief-Steward: ZOUTENDYK
  • Physician: Dr. DOWLING

HAL Document Number: 8 P. - 900 - 5-15.

First Cabin Passengers

  1. Mr. Isak Aronsfrau
  2. Mr. Moritz Arónsfrau
  3. Miss Bertha H. Becht
  4. Mr. F. L. de Beer
  5. Mrs. Henry P. Bowditch
  6. Miss Eugenie Braden
  7. Mrs. Margarete Braecker
  8. Mrs. Jennie S. Chapman
  9. Miss Mary Chapman
  10. Miss L. Dalheimer
  11. Mr. L. Dinkelspiel
  12. Mr. E. van Dyk
  13. Mrs. Henry van Dyke
  14. Miss Katrina van Dyke
  15. Mr. Tertius van Dyke
  16. Miss Elise E. Evers
  17. Miss Helen Fitz
  18. Mr. Leon van Gelder
  19. Mrs. Leon van Gelder
  20. Miss Louise van Gelder
  21. Miss Helene van Gelder
  22. Miss Claire van Gelder
  23. Mr. B. J. van Gelderen
  24. Mr. Franz Greite
  25. Miss Harriet P. Hankins
  26. Mr. Charles Hass
  27. Mr. Walter E. Heller
  28. Miss Maude Hess
  29. Mr. Hofman
  30. Mrs. Howell
  31. Mr. G. M. Illmer
  32. Mr. Isbradtsen
  33. Mr. F. C. Johnston
  34. Mr. Klein
  35. Miss Anna Kosswig
  36. Mr. J. Lagawier
  37. Col. S. Listoe, Consul General of the U.S.A. at Rotterdam
  38. Mr. Demarest Lloyd
  39. Mr. T. A. Marshall
  40. Miss Linda Meirs
  41. Miss J. M. E. Meer
  42. Mr. Oscar Nedbal
  43. Mrs. Oscar Nedbal
  44. Mrs. Florence Newcomer and Infant and Maid
  45. Miss Else Newcome
  46. Mr. Thos. Pelham Jr.
  47. Mrs.Jacques Pillot
  48. Mast. Dominique Pillot
  49. Mr. H. Oppenheim
  50. Miss Virginia Rau
  51. Mr. Guy Ries
  52. Mrs. Anna M. Schaedler
  53. Miss T. Schaeps
  54. Mr. Edwin J. Schlesinger
  55. Mrs. Edwin J. Schlesinger
  56. Miss M. D. Schoverling
  57. Miss M. C. Schumacher
  58. Mr. H. Schuurman
  59. Mr. W. S. Skipwith
  60. Mrs. Malvine Sontowski
  61. Mr. Theod. G. Stein
  62. Mr. L. Stibbe
  63. Mr. E. Stibbe
  64. Miss Elvira von Türk
  65. Miss Hertha von Turk
  66. Miss Maud von Turk
  67. Mr. Yankoer
  68. Mrs. M. V. Wardman
  69. Mrs. Wolff

Second Cabin Passengers

  1. Miss Theresia Arnberg
  2. Mrs. Therese Bednar
  3. Miss Johanna Bednar
  4. Mr. Rud. Bergemann
  5. Mrs.Joseph Berndt
  6. Mrs. Anna Blaha and Infant
  7. Miss Blasena Blaha
  8. Mrs. G. ten Brinke
  9. Miss Bujakowski
  10. Miss W. C. M. Byl
  11. Miss Olive Causdale
  12. Mrs. Harriet J. Clark
  13. Miss Jeannette Clark
  14. Miss Harriet J. Clark
  15. Miss Blythe McCormick Clark
  16. Miss Eleanor L. Cox
  17. Mr. Arie Duin
  18. Mrs. Harry Engel
  19. Mast. Herbert Engel
  20. Mr. H. Falke
  21. Miss Wilma Fay
  22. Mrs. Josephine Fitsch
  23. Miss Eva Fredericks
  24. Miss Marianne Fuerst
  25. Mr. Gavaris
  26. Mrs. Elise Genser
  27. Miss Anna Gente
  28. Mr. J. P. Germon
  29. Mrs. Sara Gerszenovic
  30. Miss L. Gerszenovic
  31. Mr. W. J. A. Gleenewinkel Kamperdyk
  32. Mrs. W. J. A. Gleenewinkel Kamperdyk
  33. Rev, Bernh. W. Goossens
  34. Mr. Laurens De Haan
  35. Miss Edna Hanka
  36. Miss Meta Heisenbüttel
  37. Mrs. Hirschfeld
  38. Miss J. F. C. Hoddenbach
  39. Miss C. H E. Hoddenbach
  40. Mrs. A. Hoedemaker
  41. Miss Minni Hoffmann
  42. Miss Louise Hofman
  43. Miss Martha Hombsch
  44. Mr. Klaas Hooyboer
  45. Mr. Deuw Hooyboer
  46. Mast. Corn. Hooyboer
  47. Mrs. Klaas Hooyboer
  48. Miss Aafje Hooyboer
  49. Mast. John Hooyboer
  50. Mrs. Franc. Hrancik
  51. Mr. Eugen Irminger
  52. Mr. Bonne Iwema
  53. Mrs, Johanna Jacobson
  54. Miss Elsie Jacobson
  55. Rev. Webster WardJennings
  56. Mrs, Mary S. Jennings
  57. Miss Roberta S. Jennings
  58. Mast. Dean S. Jennings
  59. Mast. WardellJennings
  60. Mrs. G. Jonkman
  61. Miss Kath. Kaschten
  62. Mr. W. Keszelring
  63. Mr. Heinrich Kornahrens
  64. Mrs. J. G. M. Kort
  65. Mrs. Magd. Kostial
  66. Miss Anna Kostial
  67. Miss Rosa Kostial
  68. Miss Magd. Kostial
  69. Dr. Erich Kurz
  70. Miss Elise Laborelle
  71. Mr. A. Lauffer
  72. Mrs. Leupelt
  73. Mr. Alfred O. Lindemann
  74. Mr. Bruce Lybarger
  75. Mrs. Kristina Martinek
  76. Mrs. P. Matusova
  77. Mast, Josef Matusova
  78. Mast, Jarosl Matusova
  79. Mr. Josef Mikyska
  80. Mrs. Pelagia Mizejewska
  81. Miss Ruzena Moresova
  82. Mrs. A. van Mourik
  83. Miss W. van Mourik
  84. Miss Martha Murken
  85. Miss Johanna Muus
  86. Mr. Martin Neuwirth
  87. Mrs. M. v. d. Noot
  88. Mr. Stan. Nowak
  89. Mrs. Stan. Nowak
  90. Miss Janina Nowak
  91. Mast. Sim. Nowak
  92. Mast. B. Nowak
  93. Miss A. Olthof
  94. Mrs. M. Oor-Kersten
  95. Mr. Corn. Oosterom
  96. Mrs. Otmar
  97. Miss Fred. Ott
  98. Mrs. Chas. Papon and 2 Children
  99. Miss Elis. Peters
  100. Miss Anna Pluharova
  101. Miss Rosa Poelt
  102. Mrs. Miszi Pollak and Infant
  103. Mr. Jac. M. Rabinowitz
  104. Mrs. Emma Rehse
  105. Miss Emmy Rehse
  106. Miss Hertha Rehse
  107. Prof. W. R. Richard Pinger
  108. Mrs. W. R. Richard Pinger
  109. Mrs. Erni Rose
  110. Mrs. Karoline Rügemer
  111. Mrs. Irene Sadler
  112. Mrs. Anna Schliephake
  113. Mast. Gerh. Schliephake
  114. Mrs. Regina. Schneider
  115. Mrs. Gertr. Schrade
  116. Mrs. Mary Schuchmann
  117. Miss Herm. Schuster
  118. Miss Ida Schuster
  119. Mrs. Theresia Sharközy
  120. Mast. Josef Sharközy
  121. Mast. Franz Sharközy
  122. Miss Maria Sharközy
  123. Mrs. Else Simon
  124. Miss Nellie M. Staudt
  125. Mrs. Hulda Stier
  126. Mast. Rudolf Stier
  127. Miss Alma Strohbach
  128. Mrs. Mar. Swider
  129. Mrs. Mary Swider
  130. Mast, Jos. Swider
  131. Mast. Walter Swider
  132. Miss Anna Tejkle
  133. Miss Margaretha Tiedeman
  134. Mrs. Tieze
  135. Miss Tieze
  136. Mrs. Gertrud Utermüller
  137. Mast. Friedr. Utermüller
  138. Miss Anna Vankova
  139. Miss Antonie Vehmska
  140. Mr. J. G. J. Visser
  141. Mr. August Vogt
  142. Mrs. August Vogt
  143. Mrs. Gertrud Weber
  144. Mr. Arnold Widmer
  145. Mrs. Helene Wiencke
  146. Miss Liddy Wolf
  147. Mrs. Ida Wollenberg
  148. Mr. John Wündisch
  149. Mr. Jakob Wybenga
  150. Mr. Wilh. Zumhingst

Information for Passengers

Berths and Staterooms should be reserved as soon as possible in order to secure the most favorable location, especially during the summer season, when all available rooms are usually engaged considerable time (sometimes months) previous to departure of the steamship. When applying for accommodations, either by mail or telegraph, the name of the steamship, date of departure, number and sex of Passengers, and desired class of accommodations, should be stated.

Berths are not considered engaged unless secured by paying a deposit of 25.00 per berth for the first cabin and $ 10.00 per berth for the second cabin accommodations. The balance of the passage money must be paid not later than two weeks before sailing ; if this has not been paid on or before that time, the Company reserves the right to resell the allotted accommodations. Deposits are refunded only if notice of cancellation is given not later than three weeks before sailing.

Passengers who do not sail on the steamship for which they have engaged accommodations or purchased a ticket, will forfeit fifty per cent of the passage money, unless notice is given not later than three weeks previous to sailing.

Return and Prepaid Tickets entitle holders to passage only during the season and for the accommodations for which they have been issued. If used at any other season or for other accommodations than the face value indicates, holders will be required to make additional payment, or will be refunded any eventual difference in accordance with rates and rules in effect.

Return or Prepaid Tickets are good for one year from date of issue and are not transferable. Upon application to one of the Company's Passenger Offices, they may be extended by paying the difference between the rate in effect at the date of issue and time of sailing, in accordance with the conditions on the passage contract.

Return Accommodations may be secured through the Company's Passenger Offices or Agents. They should be engaged when securing berths for the outward trip, or as soon thereafter as possible. If a Passenger is prevented from sailing on a steamship for which return accommodations have been secured, a transfer to an earlier or later steamship can be made by applying to any of the Company's Offices or Agencies, provided application for the transfer be made not later than three weeks previous to the departure of the steamship on which berths had originally been reserved, and provided there be room available on the steamer selected.

INTERCHANGEABLE Tickets. — The Holder of a return ticket first or second class has the option of returning by one of the following lines American Line, Atlantic Transport Line, Austro-Americana, Compagnie Générale Transatlantique, Cunard Line, Dominion Line, Hamburg-American Line, Leyland Line, Norddeutscher Lloyd, Red Star Line and White Star Line, subject to the rules and regulations of the line by which the ticket is used. Return tickets of any of the above lines will in the same way be honored by the Holland-America Line.

IF UNUSED Return Tickets are offered for cancellation, the amount paid for the round trip, less full outgoing fare and agent's commission, will be refunded against delivery of the return certificate to one of the Company's General Passenger Offices after authorisation has been received from the Company's General Passenger Office at Rotterdam.

Baggage. — Merchandise and Household-Articles are not accepted as baggage, but pay regular freight, as per tariff.

Through Checking of Baggage for Paris. — Baggage of cabin Passengers from New York to Paris via Boulogne-sur-Mer, can be checked through at our docks in Hoboken before embarkation, or on board the steamer.

Steamer Trunks should not be higher than 13 inches, and of the usual width and length, so that they can be placed under the berth or sofa in the stateroom.

LARGER PIECES of Baggage are not permitted in the staterooms, but are stowed away in the baggage hold.

All pieces of baggage destined for staterooms must be marked „wanted", those for the baggage hold „not wanted", and must bear Passenger's name, destination, number of berth and name of steamship ; tags may be had at all Company's Offices and Agencies or, on board, from the Baggagemaster.

Eastbound Passengers from the interior should have their baggage checked to the Holland-America Line dock, foot of Fifth Street, Hoboken, N. J., by the baggage express Agent on the train, previous to arrival in New York, Jersey City, etc.

CUSTOM HOUSE Examination. — The baggage of Passengers leaving the steamship at Boulogne-sur-Mer, will be examined by the French Custom House Officers at the Gare Maritime at said port, or on arrival at Paris. The examination by the Holland Custom House Officials will take place on arrival at Rotterdam, or at the Hook of Holland, at the pier of the Holland-America Line, built at the „Hook" in 1903, and which pier may be used as a landing place for Passengers and their baggage whenever tide or other circumstances may prevent the steamship from proceeding at once to Rotterdam.

Orders for Delivery of baggage free of charge at the railway depots in Rotterdam and Boulogne-sur-Mer are taken by the Baggagemaster on board the ship.

BICYCLES, provided properly crated, will be taken as baggage at owner's risk, at a fixed rate.

Steamer Chairs, of improved construction, may be rented at the different Offices of the Company, on the dock and on board the steamer for one trip, at a fixed rate.

Steamer Rugs can be hired on board from the Purser at a charge of 1.— for one trip.

Valuables. This Company will not be responsible for money, jewelry or other valuables of Passengers.

Passengers are warned not to keep such articles in their staterooms. Keys to the staterooms may be obtained from the chief Steward upon application.

Each steamship is supplied with a safe in which all articles of value may be deposited. Both S.S. „Rotterdam" and „NIEUW AMSTERDAM" are provided with a safe deposit which is at the disposal of Passengers.

INFLAMMABLE or EXPLOSIVE Articles are not allowed on board.

ARMS must be surrendered to the Purser during the voyage.

Seats at Table. — Seats at table, are allotted by the chief Steward or his assistent.

Mail will be accepted by the Purser after leaving New York and forwarded by pilot from Sandy Hook, without responsibility for proper mailing, however, on the part of the Company. Letters or postcards to be posted at Plymouth, Boulogne-sur-Mer or Rotterdam should be put into the mailbag which will be hung in due time in a convenient place. Passengers are requested to put their letters etc. into the mailbag themselves.

Stamps, stationery, postal cards, cable and telegraph blanks can be obtained from the saloon Steward.

Letters and Telegrams. — The Company is willing to accept letters or telegrams for Passengers to be delivered on board on arrival or departure, without assuming, however, any responsibility for their proper delivery. The name of the Passenger should be distinctly written, also the name of the steamship on which Passengers travel. Undelivered letters are returned to the Post Office.

Money. — Money of the United States or o f European countries is accepted on board the steamships of the Holland-America Line in payment o f all bills, at fixed rates of Exchange. Foreign moneys are bought and sold at current rates at the Company's Offices in Europe.

The attention of the Managers has been called to the fact that certain persons, believed to be professional gamblers, are in the habit of travelling to and fro in atlantic steamships.

In bringing this to the knowledge of Travellers, the Managers, while not wishing in the slightest degree to interfere with the freedom o f action of Patrons of the Holland-America Line, desire to invite their assistance in discouraging games of chance, as being likely to afford these individuals special opportunities for taking unfair advantage of others.

Claims. — In case of any disagreement arising between the Passenger and the Purser on board as regards charges to be paid, number of tickets required or passage money due, or accommodations to be assigned, the Passenger is respectfully requested to pay the Purser's claim, take his receipt for same and upon arrival refer the case to the Passenger Agent, who will promptly investigate and adjust same. The Purser has no discretionary power in such matters, but is governed by rules which he is not authorized to change.

Dogs. — Passengers are reminded that, under the laws of the United Kingdom, the importation of dogs into Great Britain is prohibited unless a permit has been first obtained from the Board of Agriculture.

Wireless Telegraph Rates.

All charges to be prepaid. — Please ask for gratis official receipt.

United States and Canada. — Text only counted and charged for: address and signature free, except in messages to be sent by cable.

The Minimum Marconi rate, via Sea Gate, Sagaponack or South Wellfleet (Cape Cod), or through the medium of a passing steamer and one of these Stations is 8 s. 4 d. ($ 2.—) for ten words. Each extra word 6 d ($ 0.12); via Siasconsett or Cape Race, or through the medium of a passing steamer and one of these Stations, 12 s. 6 d. ($ 3.—) for ten words. Each extra word 9 d ($ 0.18) ; via Sable Island or Cape Sable, or through the medium of a passing steamer and one of these Stations, 16 s. 8 d. ($ 4.—) for ten words. Each extra word is 1 s. ($ 0.24).

Great-Britain and Ireland. — The wireless rate via British Shore Stations, or through the medium of a passing steamer and one of these Stations, is made up of the ship charge at 40 cmes. ($ 0.08) per word, with a Minimum of 4 frs. ($ 0.80) per telegram, plus the coast charge at 6 d. ($ 0.12) per word without Minimum.

France. — The wireless rate via French Shore Stations or through the medium of a passing steamer and one of these Stations, is made up of the ship charge at 40 cmes. ($ 0.08) per word, with a Minimum of 4 frs. ($ 0.80) per telegram, plus the coast charge at 40 cmes. ($ 0.08) per word without Minimum.

Holland. — The wireless rate via Scheveningen, or through the medium of a passing steamer and that Station, is made up of the ship charge at 40 cmes. ($ 0.08) per word, with a Minimum of 4 frs. ($ 0.80) per telegram, plus the coast charge at 10 cents (Dutch) ($ 0.04) per word with a Minimum of 1 Florin ($ 0.40) per telegram.

Belgium — The wireless rate via Nieuport, or through the medium of a passing steamer and that Station, is made up of the ship charge at 40 cmes. ($ 0.08) per word, with a Minimum of 4 foe. ($ 0.80) per telegram, plus the coast charge at 20 cmes. ($ 0.04) per word, with a Minimum of 2 frs. ($ 0.40) per telegram.

Ship To Ship. — The wireless rate for ship to ship traffic is made up of the accepting ship charge at 40 cones. ($ 0.08) per word (with a Minimum of 4 frs. ($ 0.80) per telegram) plus the ship charge belonging to the ship of destination ; the latter charge varies according to the nationality of the ship, and may be 4 d. ($ 0.08) per word without Minimum as for British ships ; 30 cones. ($ 0.06) per word (with a Minimum of 3 frs. ($ 0.60) per telegram) for Spanish ships ; etc.

Note. In messages sent via European Shore Stations and to other Ships, all words in address, text, and signature are counted and charged for.

Land and Cable Charges additional.

The Holland-America Line takes pleasure in announcing that, for the convenience of its Passengers, it has established a Porter Service for the carrying of packages, hand-baggage, etc., between the Holland-America Line docks and the Railroad and Ferry Terminals, or any part of Hoboken, Jersey City, New York and Brooklyn.
On arrival or departure dates of every steamer, uniformed attendants with the word "Attendant" on their collar, and "Holland-America Line" on their cap can be engaged for above named services at the docks or railroads or ferry terminals at the following fixed charges :

Between Holland-America Line dock, and
Lackawanna Railroad & Ferries in Hoboken Hudson Terminal Station in Hoboken . Any Hotel in Hoboken ..
Any other point in Hoboken. .
Jersey City and Jersey City Heights . Greenville Bayonne & West Hoboken . ,
Pennsylvania & Erie Railroads, Jersey City . NewJersey Central & B. & O. Railroads . West Shore Railroad Weehawken . . . .
Grand Central Station New York .
New York Hotels below 50th Street . .
New York Hotels above 50th Street . . Brooklyn N. Y. . .
$ .25 for 1 or 2 pkgs $ .25
$ .10 per package
$ .25 )7
$ .35 )) 77
$ .35 ))
$ .50 for 1 or 2 pkgs
$ 1.00 9, 1,
$ .75
$ 1.00 7, ,)
$ 1.00 )1
$ 1.50
$ 2.00 7,

The Fleet of The Holland-America Line consists of the following steamships:

  • Twin screw Steamship Rotterdam
  • Twin screw Steamship NIEUW AMSTERDAM
  • Twin screw Steamship NOORDAM
  • Twin screw Steamship RYNDAM
  • Twin screw Steamship POTSDAM

ranging from 12,531 to 24,170 tons gross register, whereas Triple screw Steamship „STATENDAM" of 32,500 tons gross register is building.

All steamships are of enormous tonnage, and splendidly equipped for the safety and comfort of Passengers. They are all provided with the latest improvements, have bilge keels, superb decks, halls, saloons and large staterooms, and are fitted with the Marconine system of wireless telegraphy and the Submarine Signal Receiving Apparatus.

They carry the U.S. and Royal Netherlands Mails and maintain a regular weekly service between New York and Rotterdam, stopping both ways at Boulogne-sur-Mer for the landing and embarkation of Passengers. Moreover S.S. „ROTTERDAM" and „NIEUW AMSTERDAM" will, on the eastbound voyage, call at Plymouth for the landing of Passengers to Great Britain.

For full information, sailings, and rates, apply to the Passenger Offices of the Holland-America Line or to its local Agents.

Public Telephones, with booths and an operator, are located on the Holland-America Line Pier, foot of Fifth St., Hoboken, N. J.

Passenger Offices and Agencies of the Holland-America Line.

America: Telegrams : Telephone:
Boston, MASS 84 State Street Delta.
Chicago, ILL 145 North Dearborn Street Netherland.
Havana, Cuba 278 Apertado Dussaq.
Minneapolis, MINN 121 So. Third Street
Montreal, CAN 286 St. James Street
New Orleans, LA . . . . 219 St. Charles Street Netherland.
New York 39 Broadway
San Francisco, CAL. . . . 319 Geary Street
St. Louis, MO Corner Locust and 9th Streets Camera.
Toronto, ONT 40 Toronto Street
Rotterdam Wilhelminakade Americano. 5803
AIX-LA-CHAPELLE C. Clermont Clermont Spediteur. 409
AIX-LES-BAINS Cie. Internationale des Wagon Lits, Hotel Astoria
AMSTERDAM Damrak 75 Americano. 608
Antwerp Raydt & Bruynseels, Kammenstraat 6 Raydt. 956
ATHENS, (Greece) Chiolman's Tourist office Place de la Constitution Chiolman.
AUGSBURG i /Bayern. . Theodor Mühlschlegel, Untere Maxstr. 68 . . . .
BADEN-BADEN Falck & Groetz, Sophienstrasse Groetz. 714
BAD-NAUHEIM Wilh. Kern, Parkstrasse (open from April First till
October 15th only) Kern Parkstrasse. 539
BARMEN Friedr. Schadde, Altermarkt 19 532
BASLE Heumattstrasse 12 Nasm. 4511
BAYONNE L. Dekkers, Banque Basque-Américaine
Berlin Unter den Linden 6 Cabintickets. (Amt Zentrum 4023
BERN A. Natural, Le Coultre & Co., A. G., Spitalgasse 55
BIARRITZ Bellairs & Cie.
BIEL F. Wuetrich, Bözingerstrasse
BINGEN a,Rh Friedrich Vogt 258
BORDDEAUX Agence Lubin, 42 Cours de l'Intendance
Boulogne-sur-Mer Rue des Ecoles 32 bis Nasm.
BRUCHSAL Wilh. Hoffmeister, Schlossstrasse 2 Ecke Schloss
und Wörthstrasse 122
BRUNSWICK Theod. Ebeling, Poststrasse 6 Ebeling-Bankgeschaft.
BRUSSELS E Bovy, Boulevard du Nord 64 Eugene Bovy. 2461
BUCAREST Manoil Spiegler, Strada Baratie 36
BUDAPEST VII Thököly ut 10 Nasm. Jozsef 1517
CALAIS Maurice Gest, 23 Rue du Temple Jardine. 4.86
CARLSBAD J Schreiber, Office Böhmische Escompte Bank Steamship. 11
COBLENZ Xavier Eckstein, G. m. b. H. Rheinzollstr. 14A Xavier Eckstein. 185
COLOGNE Hermann Lindemann, Unter Fettenhennen 13,
Eingang Margaretenkloster Ocean. B 7853
Copenhagen Joachim Prahl. 5 Nyhavn Prahl. 7926
CREFELD Charlier & Scheibler's Reisebureau. Hotel Kre-
felder Hof Charlier office. 4501
DARMSTADT August Cellarius, Bleichstrasse 53 483
DIJON Déroche-Thevenin, 9 Place d'Armes
DINARD Jules Boutin
DORTMUND See- und Kanalschifffahrt Wilhelm Hemsoth A.G. Wilsoth. 69 and 70
Dr.SDEN Alfred Kohn, Christianstrasse 31 Americans. 3122
DÜSSELDORF A. Kayser, Bilkerstrasse 34. A. Kayser. 183
DÜSSELDORF Passagebureau W. Sehnert, Königsallee 38 und 40 Oceana. 9557
ELBERFELD Wilhelm Möller Spediteur Moller. 176
FLORENCE French, Lemon & Co. 2 & 4 Via Tornabuoni .. Concord. 810
FLORENCE F. Henri Humbert, 20 Via Tornabuoni Humbert.
FRANCFORT o/Main Wilh. Kern, Kaiserstrasse 18 (Kaiserplatz). . . Kern Kaiserplatz. 8308
FREIBURG i/Br Josef Nufer, Bursen-Passage, Eisenbahnstr. 4-6. Josef Nufer.
GENEVA Grand Quai 24 Nasm. 4621 and 5471
Genoa American Express Co., 17 Piazza Nunziata, . . . Amexco. 1125
Gothenburg Nordisk Resebureau, Palace Hotel Resebureau. 4194-3100
GRENOBLE L. F. Buyat & Cie., 3 Boulevard Edouard Rey .
GRENOBLE J Frumkin, 35 Avenue Alsace-Lorraine
HAARLEM W. A. Vreede, Jordenstraat 66 Vreede. 1646
Crans & Co., Noordeinde 54 Crans. 2431
The HAGUE Eykensluiters & Tromp,
Lloyd Gebouw, Piet Heinplein Eykensluyters. 2273
HEIDELBERG Martin Volk, Hauptstrasse 86 456
HEILBRONN Ch. H. Gültig 359
HILVERSUM A. H. J. Happe, Neuweg 42 Happé.
INNSBRUCK Bahnstrasse 8 Nasm.
JASSY Manoil Spiegler, Strada Stefan cel Mare
KAISERSLAUTERN i/B. . Heinrich Hammel, Pariserstrasse 51 C.
KARLSRUHE Carl Götz, Hebelstrasse 11/15 b/Rathaus Götz Lotteriebank. 1559
KREUZNACH (Rheinl. ) . C. F. Eccardt & Co Eccardt. 10
LAUSANNE G. Cherpillod, Place de la Gare I Nasm.
LEIPSIC Blücherstrasse 15 Americano. 14360
LIEGE Eugene Bovy, Place Verte 15
International Navigation Co. Ltd.
London 1 Cockspur Street, S. W. Interlace. 3534 Gerrard
38 Leadenhall Street, E. C. Cisatlantic. 4300 London Wall
London Pall Mall Deposit Co. Carlton Street S. W.. . . Burnished. 5384 Gerrard
LUBECK Vollert's Reisebureau, Untertrave 109 Franz Vollert. 1388
LUCERNE Crivelli & Co., Seehofstrasse
LUDWIGSHAFEN a/Rh.. Karl M. Fournier, Maxstrasse 21 Generalagent Fournier. 656
LUXEMBURG J Thorn, Bahnhof-Avenue 4. Thorn Agent. 912
LYONS H. de Riberolles „Voyages Universels", 3 Rue
de l'Hotel de Ville
LYONS Agence Lubin, 76 Rue de l'Hôtel de Ville . . . .
MAGDEBURG Verkehrsbureau der Magdeburgischen Zeitung,
Breiteweg 6 Verkehrsbureau. 1374
MALMÖ Nordisk Resebureau, No. 2 Ostra Hamngatan. . Resebureau.
MANNHEIM Gundlach & Baerenklau Nachf., Bahnhofplatz 7. Gundlach Baerenklau. 7215
MAYENCE . Otto Hirsch in Firma George Hirsch, Stiftstr. 12 George Hirsch. 2 and 838
MILAN G. C. Cantaluppi, Via A. Manzoni. 12 Marittimi. 29-20
MOSKAU Nordisk Resebureau, Hotel Metropole . . . . . .
MÜLHEIM AID. RUHR ... G. A. Cramer, Eppinghoferstrasse 74 385
MUNICH C. Bierschenk, Maximiliansplatz 18, Ecke Pran-
nerstrasse Bierschenk. 21092
Naples American Express Co., 27 Via Vittoria Amexco. 37
Naples W. J. Turner & Co., 161 Santa Lucia Turner. 4-55
Naples Aselmeyer & Co , Aselmeyer. 25-05
NEUSTADT a/H Ferd. Schwarz
Nice 12 Av. Felix Faure (open from November First till
April 30th only) American. 14, 71
NUREMBERG Philipp Gutmann, Frauentorgraben 67 Manngut. 4250
OFFENBURG August Hauser, Haupstrasse 86
Palermo Angelo Tagliavia & Son Angelo.
Palermo Antonino Richichi & Figli Richichi Butera. 6-47
Paris Rue Scribe 4 Nasm. 299-63
PAU A. Mauland Herré, 6 Rue Adoue
St. PETERSBURG Nordisk Resebureau Bolschaja Konjaschennaja 19 Resebureau.
PFORZHEIM Albert Seifried, Sedanplatz 10, Ecke Weiher
und Dillsteinerstrasse 359
Plymouth Bellamy & Co. Bellamy. 60
PRAGUE D. Schick & Rosenbaum, Wenzelsplatz 15 . . . . Schick Rosenbaum. 1920
Rome French, Lemon & Co., 49 Piazza di Spagna . . . Lemon. 1856
Rome Ad. Roesler Franz & Figli, Via Condotti 20 (Pa-
lazzo Torlonia) Banco Franz. 650
Rome American Express Co., Piazza Venezia Amexco. 41-01
Rome American Exchange Co., 26/27 Piazza di Spagna Exchange. 362
Rome Sebasti & Reali, 20 Piazza di Spagna, Arepo. 1849
SINGEN-HOHENTWIEL . Paul Würth, Bismarckstrasse 1 145
Stockholm Nordisk Resebureau, Royal Opera Resebureau.
Allm 2052 Stockholm Bröderna Larsson & Co., 24 Skeppsbron Brödernalarsson. ( Riks 4485
E Ludwig Bastian, Bahnhofplatz 6 Starred. 147
Albert Starker, Königstrasse 21 Albert Starker. 231
„Voyages Pratiques", 7 Allée Lafayette
M. Bataille, 8 Boulevard Béranger . . . ... Carl Lenz Internationales Reisebureau,
Nordallee 27 parterre, Ecke Petrus Str.. . Carl Lenz.
TRIST Piazzo Nicolo Tommaseo 2
TURIN Carlo Bosso, Corso Vittorio Emanuele 60
VEVEY J. Mollard, Place de la Gare
VICHY F. Chardonnet, 17 Rue Sornin
Vienna IV Wiedener Giirtel 12
II Kaiser Josefstrasse 40 -, Nasm.
WIESBADEN Passage- und Reisebureau Born & Schottenfels,
Kaiser Friedrichplatz (Hotel Nassau) Reiseborn. 680
WIESBADEN Weltreisebureau L. Rettenmayer, Langgasse 48 Weltreisebureau. 242
WURZBURG i/Bayern . • • Georg Vaeth, Kaiserstrasse 31
WURZBURG i/Bayern . • • Alfred Altschüler & Co Altschiiler Spediteure. 726
ZERMATT Galland & Co
ZURICH Bahnhofstrasse und Pelikanstrasse I Nasm. 1017
and Messrs. Thos Cook & Son's Offices everywhere.

MADE in Holland.

Gjenvick-Gjønvik Archives Reference Number 191.50.529-01

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