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23 November 1912 Passenger List, R.M.S. Carmania, Cunard Line

Second Cabin Passenger List for the 23 November 1912 Voyage of the SS Carmania of the Cunard Steamship Line from Liverpool to New York, Commanded by Captain D. S. Miller.

Cunard Line

Inaugurated 4 July 1840

List Of Second Cabin Passengers Per R.M.S. "Carmania,"

Captain D. S. Miller, I.E.

Liverpool to New York, 23 November 1912

Senior Officers and Staff

  1. Captain: D. S. MILLER, I.E..
  2. Surgeon: A. W. MACKENZIE.
  3. Purser: G. W. CLARKE.
  4. Assistant Purser : J. H. WILLIAMS.
  5. Chief Steward: M. GREEN.
  6. Typist and Stenographer : Miss R. I. HARTLEY.

List of Second Cabin Passengers

Passenger List, Cunard Line R.M.S. Carmania - Nov 1912
  1. Mr. S. Atherton
  2. Mrs. Kate Austin
  3. Mrs. E. Bardsley
  4. Mrs. M. Bark
  5. Master T. B. Bark
  6. Master G. H. Bark
  7. Miss A. Bergin
  8. Mr. F. S. Betz
  9. Mr. Irving Betz
  10. Mrs. M. Y. Borland
  11. Miss F. Brindley
  12. Mr. J. Brooks
  13. Mrs. Brooks and Infant
  14. Master J. Brooks
  15. Mr. S. Brown
  16. Mr. Joseph Btesh
  17. Mrs. Nellie Bull
  18. Mr. N. Burns
  19. Mr. J. Byrne
  20. Mr. Byrne
  21. Miss A. M. Cane
  22. Mr. S. Carlson
  23. Miss G. Carlson
  24. Miss A. Carrington
  25. Mr. Peter Carroll
  26. Mr. C. Carson
  27. Miss S. Clark
  28. Mr. V. H. Cockeran
  29. Mrs. Cockeran
  30. Master Cockeran
  31. Mrs. Carrie Cook
  32. Miss L. Cook
  33. Master A. Cook
  34. Mrs. Cotton and Infant
  35. Mr. M. Cowan
  36. Mr. J. L. Cowan
  37. Mrs. M. J. Crandall
  38. Miss Craven
  39. Mr. F. N. Crosby
  40. Mr. W. A. Cross
  41. Mrs. C. L. Culver
  42. Mr. Jos. Dabah
  43. Mrs. Annie Dalínsky
  44. Miss M. Davis
  45. Mr. B. G. Dent
  46. Mrs. W. J. Dixon
  47. Master R. Dixon
  48. Master A. Dixon
  49. Master C. Dixon
  50. Miss R. Donnan
  51. Miss Peggy Dougherty
  52. Miss D. A. Drury
  53. Mr. W. H. Duckworth
  54. Mr. F. Duckworth
  55. Mr. John Dywonkowski
  56. Miss T. Ellis
  57. Mr. E. Evans
  58. Mr. William Fairman
  59. Mr. F. Farman
  60. Miss B. Farrelly
  61. Mr. S. Fearon
  62. Mr. J. Fitzpatrick
  63. Mrs. A. Flint
  64. Mr. H. Foster
  65. Mr. J. F. Fowler
  66. Mr. E. S. Fox
  67. Mr. S. L. Freeman
  68. Mr. Arthur Frost
  69. Mr. A. Fuller
  70. Mr. J. E. Garvey
  71. Mr. James Gass
  72. Mrs. Sarah Gibson
  73. Miss J. Gibson
  74. Master W. Gibson
  75. Master G. Gibson
  76. Miss Edith Goldsack
  77. Mr. R. Goodchild
  78. Miss Caroline Green
  79. Mr. R. Gregory
  80. Mrs. H. Handilman
  81. Mr. Reginald Hash
  82. Mrs. H. Howarths and Infant
  83. Mrs. Hannah Haworth
  84. Miss Lillian Haworth
  85. Miss Florence Haworth
  86. Mr. Harry Heikel
  87. Miss A. Henderson
  88. Mr. H. Horner
  89. Miss L. Howard
  90. Mr. Olaf Janson
  91. Mr. T. St. Johnston
  92. Miss A. Lea Jones
  93. Mr. E. Keatley
  94. Miss L. E. Keatley
  95. Miss C. Knutz
  96. Mrs. Bessie Lane
  97. Mr. Carl Langstrom
  98. Mr. J. Lavender
  99. Miss A. Liljeroth
  100. Mr. Alan Lindgren
  101. Mr. Allan G. Lindgren
  102. Miss C. Macrae
  103. Mrs. H. Magnall
  104. Miss S. Malone
  105. Miss B. Markey
  106. Mr. W. E. Mason
  107. Mrs. A. Mattson
  108. Miss D: Mattson
  109. Miss Nellie Mattson
  110. Mr. A. G. McGregor
  111. Mrs. E. Mitchinson
  112. Master George Mitchinson
  113. Master Robert Mitchinson
  114. Mr. R. Mollenhauer
  115. Miss J. Morgan
  116. Miss Josephine Mullally
  117. Mr. William Munro
  118. Mr. Alex Murphy
  119. Mrs. Murphy
  120. Mr. T. Murphy
  121. Mr. Ernest Murphy
  122. Mrs. Murphy
  123. Master V. Murphy
  124. Mr. A. M. Murphy
  125. Mrs. Murphy
  126. Mr. Chas. R. Murray
  127. Mrs. Murray
  128. Mr. V. D. Newman
  129. Mr. F. G. Nordenholt
  130. Mrs. R. Olivier
  131. Miss J. Olsen
  132. Miss J. O'Neill
  133. Mr. Wm. Owen
  134. Mr. Henry W. Palgreen
  135. Mrs. Palgreen
  136. Master W. Palgreen
  137. Mrs. Palmer
  138. Rev. A. Pederson
  139. Mr. Sven Pers
  140. Mr. T. E. Phillips
  141. Mrs. Phillips
  142. Mr. B. A. Plimley
  143. Mrs. L. Plimley
  144. Miss D. Plimley
  145. Mr. Thomas Plimley
  146. Mr. R. Plimley
  147. Miss G. Plimley
  148. Miss Minnie Radford
  149. Miss A. Reichert
  150. Mr. Wm. Rich
  151. Mr. Wm. H. Riddlesworth
  152. Mr. W. Riddlesworth
  153. Mrs. E. M. Riddlesworth
  154. Miss E. Riddlesworth
  155. Mr. J. H. Roberts
  156. Mrs. Roberts and Infant
  157. Miss M. Robson
  158. Miss F. Rodgers
  159. Mrs. E. Rogers
  160. Mr. Jaho J. Ronen
  161. Mr. C. M. Ross
  162. Mrs. F. Rumble
  163. Master C. Rumble
  164. Miss M. Rumble
  165. Miss S. E. Russell
  166. Mr. J. Savolainen
  167. Mrs. Savolainen and Three Children
  168. Mr. Joseph Schwartzmann
  169. Mr. R. D. Scott
  170. Mrs. Scott
  171. Mrs. R. M. Scott
  172. Mrs. F. Scott
  173. Mrs. E. Shardlow
  174. Mr. Maxime Sheyder
  175. Mr. W. E. Shimmin
  176. Mrs. E. Shimmin
  177. Miss Hilda Smart
  178. Mr. Tally Spira
  179. Miss Charlotte Stitt
  180. Mr. J. W. Sunderland
  181. Mrs. Sunderland
  182. Miss K. Sunderland
  183. Master A. Sunderland
  184. Mr. H. Sunderland
  185. Miss Kate Sweeney
  186. Mrs. H. Swindell
  187. Mr. M. Symonds
  188. Mr. J. L. Thomas
  189. Mr. Cyril Thomas
  190. Master Harold Thomas
  191. Mrs. Thomas
  192. Miss Edith Thomas
  193. Miss Dorothy Thomas
  194. Mr. S. S. R. Thompson
  195. Mr. J. W. Thompson
  196. Mr. W. Toothill
  197. Mr. Thos. Trebell
  198. Mrs. Trebell
  199. Mr. R. Van Acker
  200. Mr. Walter Walker
  201. Mr. A. Watson
  202. Mrs. Clara Watson
  203. Miss Alice Watson
  204. Mr. F. Wealthdale
  205. Mr. Arthur White
  206. Mr. B. A. Williams
  207. Mrs. E. Williams
  208. Master Williams
  209. Mrs. D. Wilson and Infant
  210. Mr. J. E. Wood
  211. Mr. L. Wood
  212. Mr. H. Wood
  213. Miss Woolley


  1. Mr. W Chadwick
  2. Miss E Kenyon
  3. Rev E Emmanuel
  4. Mr A Nicola
  5. Mr H Foster (2)
  6. Mr R H Nesbitt


  1. Mrs H Howarths
  2. Mr Jaho J Rouen
  3. Mr Alan Lindgren (twice)
  4. Mr Maxime Sheyder
  5. Mr & Mrs Alex Murphy (twice)
  6. Mr Tally Spira


  1. Mrs Nellie Bull should read Miss Nellie Bull
  2. Mr C Carson should read Mr C Carlson
  3. Mr Reginald Hash should read Mr Reginald Nash
  4. Mrs R Olivier should read  Miss R Olivier

TOTAL, 221



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