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Passenger Lists for the Year 1950 - GG Archives

1950-07-04 Passenger List for S.S. Saturnia 1950-07-04 List of Passengers for S.S. Saturnia

List of Fist Class Passengers for the 4 July 1950 voyage of S.S. Saturnia of the Italia Line, Sailing From Genoa to New York via Cannes, Naples and Gibraltar, Commanded by Captain Arrigo G. Gladulich.

Passenger List, Italia S.S. Conte Biancamano Sep 1950 1950-09-14 List of Passengers for S.S. Conte Biancamano

List of Cabin Passengers for the 14 September 1950 Voyage of the S.S. Conte Biancamano of the Italia Line, Sailing from Genoa to New York via Nables, Gibraltar and Lisbon, Commanded by Captain Pasquale Pezzuto

Transcribed Passenger Lists for 1950


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