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Port of St. John Passenger Lists

Saint John is the largest city in the Canadian province of New Brunswick, and the second largest in the maritime provinces. It is known as the Fundy City due to its location on the north shore of the Bay of Fundy at the mouth of the Saint John River, as well as being the only city on the bay. Prior to the opening of the St. Lawrence Seaway in the late 1950s, the Port of Saint John functioned as the winter port for Montreal, Quebec when shipping was unable to traverse the sea ice in the Gulf of St. Lawrence and St. Lawrence River.

Transcribed Ships Lists for the Port of St. John

1909-04-09 Passenger List for Empress of Britain 1909-04-09 Ships List for Empress of Britain
Saloon Passenger List, R.M.S. Empress of Britain, CPR Canadian Pacific Railway, sailing on Friday, 9 April 1909, from Liverpool to St. John, NB (Landing Mails at Halifax), Commanded by Captain J. A. Murray.
1927-02-18 Passenger List for S.S. Montrose 1927-02-18 Ships List for S.S. Montrose
List of Cabin Passengers for the 18 February 1927 Ships List for the S.S. Montrose, Canadian Pacific Steamship Lines, Sailing from Liverpool to Saint John, N.B. via Belfast and Greenock, Commanded by Captain E. Landy.
1946-07-09 Ships List for the S.S. Drottningholm 1946-07-09 Ships List for the S.S. Drottningholm
  • Steamship Line: Swenska Amerika Linien / Swedish American Line
  • Steamship: S.S. Drottningholm
  • Class of Passengers: Cabin
  • Date of Departure: 9 July 1946
  • Route: Gothenburg to Saint Johns NF and New York via Liverpool
  • Commander: Captain J. Nordlander


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