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Passenger List, American Line, S.S. Paris, 15 August 1896

Saloon Passenger List for the 15 August 1896 Westbound Voyage of the S.S. Paris of the American Line from Southampton, England to New York, Commanded by Captain Frederick Watkins.

Notable passengers included: Holker Abbott, Adelaide Fitz Allan, William Adams, Dr Margaret Cleave, Mrs. Samuel Clemens, Robert Fitzsimmons, Mrs G. H. Gilbert, Henry McCarter, Albert Michelson, E. A. Oliver, General John Palmer, Jules Henri de Sibour.





Purser -- W. H. Smith.

SURGEON -- A. F Graf.

CHIEF STEWARD -- Walter Harris.

List of Saloon Passengers

Passenger List, American Line S.S. Paris, Saloon Passengers - 1896
  1. Mr Holker Abbott
  2. Miss Adelaide Fitz Allan (a.k.a. Adelaide Fitz-Allen)
  3. Mr Richard Armstrong
  4. Mrs Anstey
  5. Mr Wm. Adams
  6. Mr J. Applebee
  7. Mr F. C. Atherton
  8. Mrs Atherton
  9. Mr James Broden
  10. Mrs Broden
  11. Mrs E. M. Bond
  12. Miss J. L. Bond
  13. Mr Chas. Bond
  14. Mr C. M. Broom
  15. Mr M. B. Broom
  16. Mr A. Brown
  17. Mr J. Burns
  18. Mr D. R. Brewer
  19. Mr Oswald Blandy
  20. Mr W. Bliset
  21. Miss Bennett
  22. Mr Geo. L. Beasley
  23. Mrs Eleanor L. Carnes
  24. Mrs Robt. C. Clowry
  25. Miss E. Marion Cox
  26. Dr M. P. Conway
  27. Mr E D. Chamberlin
  28. Dr Theo. Chamberlin
  29. Dr Margaret Cleave
  30. Mrs Casswell
  31. Mr S. E. Campbell
  32. Mr Arthur Davenport
  33. Mr Thos. D. Day, Jr.
  34. Mr Richard Harding Davis (NOB)
  35. Mr Davidson
  36. Mrs Davidson and son
  37. Mr E. B. Dorsey
  38. Mr James B. Davenport
  39. Mr Ernest Grant Dovan s/b Mr. Ernest Grant Govan
  40. Mrs Dovan s/b Mrs. Govan
  41. Mr Geo. H. Everall
  42. Mrs Estabrook
  43. Mr W. H. Edgar
  44. Mr J. Walter Earle
  45. Mrs Earle
  46. Mr Chas. W. Earle
  47. Master Harold A. Earle
  48. Mr G. Emden
  49. Miss Mackenzie Evans
  50. Mr Louis Enery
  51. Mrs Enery
  52. Mr J. B. Fussell
  53. Mr James L. Ford
  54. Miss L. M. Fontaine
  55. Mr Patrick Farrelly
  56. Mrs Farrelly
  57. Master Valentine Farrelly
  58. Miss Elizabeth Farrelly
  59. Miss Mary Farrelly
  60. Mr Franklin Farrel
  61. Mr Robert Fitzsimmons
  62. Mrs Fitzsimmons
  63. Miss Ollie Freeman
  64. Mr Gresham
  65. Mrs M. F. Gresham
  66. Mr Robert de Grimburg
  67. Mrs G. H. Gilbert
  68. Miss Gilman
  69. Mrs Gilman
  70. Mr O. C. Hitchins
  71. Mr Robert Hochstetter
  72. Mr Edwin Howard
  73. Mr T. Husted
  74. Miss Saida R. Hodge
  75. Miss Hawley
  76. Mr G. L. Howe
  77. Mr Herbert
  78. Mr Haseltine
  79. Mrs Henbert
  80. Mr S. E. Haslett
  81. Mr Henry A. Howe
  82. Mr Robert J. Hoguet
  83. Mr E. A. Hopkins
  84. Mr G. Howard Isaac
  85. Miss Laura B. Jayne
  86. Miss St. John
  87. Mr H. H. Johnson
  88. Mr P. Kettenring
  89. Mrs Kettenring
  90. Mrs M. G. Kerr
  91. Mr David Kirk
  92. Mrs Kirk
  93. Mrs B. Link
  94. Mr J. H. Loevenhart
  95. Mr Lewis
  96. Mr Nicolas Lewenberg
  97. Mr Joseph McDonnell
  98. Mr Peter MacQueen
  99. Mr A. S. Matier
  100. Mr T. W. Miller
  101. Mr Henry McCarter
  102. Miss Grace A. Muns
  103. Mr Hy. Jas. Mayer
  104. Rev W. T. Moore
  105. Mr T. Michelson
  106. Mr Albert Michelson
  107. Mrs Albert A. Michelson
  108. Miss Elsa Michelson
  109. Mrs Celestia McDonald
  110. Mr C. P. Mackie
  111. Mr E. August Neresheimer
  112. Mr Fred E. Neresheimer
  113. Miss Harm Nelson
  114. Mr Frederick W. North
  115. Miss Eleanor O'Riley
  116. Miss Mary O'Riley
  117. Mr Percy J. O'Brien
  118. Mr E. A. Oliver
  119. Genl. John Palmer
  120. Mrs Palmer
  121. Miss Lois Palmer
  122. Mrs Sartell Prentice (neé Mary Adeline ISHAM)
  123. Miss Mary I. Prentice
  124. Mr Pamulee Prentice
  125. Mr H. B. Platt
  126. Col Henry D. Paxson
  127. Mr John N. Perry
  128. Mrs Perry
  129. Mr E. E. Poor, jr.
  130. Mrs Poor
  131. Mr J. Peyser
  132. Miss Grace Coe Pulver, M.D.
  133. Miss Madeleine Robinson
  134. Mr A. Roux
  135. Mrs N. M. Ray
  136. Mr Rehan
  137. Mr P. F. Rothermel, jr.
  138. Mrs H. C. Starr
  139. Mr W. J. Slidell - NOB
  140. Mrs Slidell
  141. Mr Geo. Siddle
  142. Prof. Wm. H. Seaman
  143. Mr W. A. Scalar
  144. Mr J. H. Sykes
  145. Mr J. H. de Sibour (Jules Henri de Sibour (1872-1938))
  146. Mr Hector G. Spaulding
  147. Mr Stevens
  148. Mr Sepherd
  149. Mr Scott
  150. Mr M. P. Stymus, jr.
  151. Mr Willm. E. Taverner
  152. Mr S. B. Thorne
  153. Mr Wm. H. Turner
  154. Mr R. B. Treadway
  155. Mr Chas. H. True
  156. Miss True
  157. Mr C. W. Truslow
  158. Mr R. H. Thompson
  159. Colonel Verbeck
  160. Mrs Verbeck
  161. Mr H. G. Walker
  162. Dr Alfred Walton - NOB
  163. Mr Reuben Warner
  164. Mrs Warrior
  165. Miss Grace A. Warner
  166. Mr Wells
  167. Mrs A. K. Walker
  168. Mr W. G. Whaley
  169. Mr Gardner P. Williams
  170. Mr A. F. Williams
  171. Mr J. S. Wheelwright
  172. Miss Zada Wilson
  173. Miss Martha M. Wright
  174. Dr A. S. Walsh
  175. Mr Wheeler
  176. Mrs Wheeler and infant
  177. Miss Wisner
  178. Mr P. Whitney
  179. Miss Hilda Wilson
  180. Mr Withers
  181. Mrs Yeo
  182. Mr C. Zehnder
  183. Miss E. Zehnder
  184. Mr H. D. Zucker


  1. Mrs. Samuel Clemens
  2. Miss Clemens
  3. Mr. S. H. Collins
  4. Infant Fitzsimmons
  5. Mr. E. Grant Govan
  6. Mrs. Govan
  7. Mr. Paul Mazier
  8. Mrs. Mazier
  9. Miss Ella Nelson
  10. Dr. G. W. Warren

On List but Not On Board

  1. Mr. R. H. Davis
  2. Mr. E. Grant Dovan (Name Correction)
  3. Mrs. Dovan (Name Correction)
  4. Mr. W. J. Slidell
  5. Dr. Alfred Walton
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