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Navy Boot Camp San Diego Yearbook 1958 Company 226 - The Anchor

1958 Company 226 San Diego US Naval Training Center Roster - The Anchor

Roster for Recruit Company 226 for 1958, United States Naval Training Center, San Diego, California. Company Commander: B. J. Avery, QMC. Training commenced 24 April 1958 and concluded on 27 June 1958. 57 Men Graduated.

  • Commenced Training
    24 April 1958
  • Completed Training
    27 June 1958

Company 58-226 Leadership Command

  • Company Commander
    B. J. Avery, QMC

Company 58-226 Roster of Recruits

  1. James W. McKnight
    Recruit Chief Petty Officer
  2. Charles N. Tozer
    Assistant Petty Officer lst Class
  3. J. H. Chambers, Jr.
    Honorman and 5th Squad. Ldr.
  4. James G. Roholt
    Academic Award Winner
  5. Van B. Benson
    Outstanding Recruit
  6. Kenneth W. Turner
    Outstanding Recruit and 6th Squad. Ldr.
  7. A. E. Spencer
    Master at Arms
  8. C. K. Savell, II
    1st Squad. Ldr.
  9. Danny A. Thomas
    2nd Squad. Ldr.
  10. George T. Wilcox
    3rd Squad. Ldr.
  11. Bruce E. Bierbaum
    4th Squad. Ldr.
  12. Clarence Suwa
  13. Charles S. Young
    Mail Petty Officer
  14. John D. Resnik
    Educational Petty Officer
  15. Norman H. Gaard
    Athletic Petty Officer
  16. C. F. Barnett
  17. Demonte A. Baum
  18. A. B. Blackmore
  19. R. G. Blosser
  20. Jerry D. Bond
  21. Myron G. Brown
  22. Charles E. Cain
  23. J. W. Chiaroni
  24. Leroy F. Clayton
  25. Oscar D. Cline
  26. Ronald C. Davis
  27. James P. Edgar
  28. J. L. Eiserling
  29. Glen Elliott
  30. G. D. Fothergill
  31. C. M. Gazaway
  32. Cecil C. Gabel
  33. Boyd K. Harvey
  34. A. T. Hernandez, Jr.
  35. R. D. Hubbard
  36. James E. McKern
  37. Jerry C. Nelson
  38. G. R. O'Connor
  39. J. J. Papp, Jr.
  40. Leonard E. Patzer
  41. Robert F. Ray
  42. K. W. Richards
  43. E. T. Rodrigues
  44. J. J. Samiano, Jr.
  45. Frank R. Seaman
  46. Alfred R. Smith
  47. W. L. Spendlove
  48. E. B. Standrich
  49. T. E. Swayne
  50. Chitoki Tokunaga
  51. Kenneth I. Uchino
  52. William R. Webb
  53. Jess L. Wiley
  54. William J. Woods
  55. Peter Lafata, Jr.
  56. Donald G. Strawn
  57. A. L. Hougland

Images Available For This Recruit Company

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Company 58-226 Recruits Page One Company 58-226 Recruits Page Two
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Company 58-226 Recruits Page Three  


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