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Navy Boot Camp San Diego Yearbook 1957 Company 279 The Anchor

1957 Company 279 San Diego US Naval Training Center Roster - The Anchor

Roster for Recruit Company 279 for 1957, United States Naval Training Center, San Diego, California. Company Commander: G. D. Gaulden, BTC. Training commenced 5 August 1957 and concluded on 8 October 1957. 62 Men Graduated.

  • Commenced Training
    5 August 1957
  • Completed Training
    8 October 1957

Company 57-279 Leadership Command

  • Company Commander
    G. D. Gaulden, BTC

Company 57-279 Roster of Recruits

Page One, Top Row

  1. P. N. Lappas, Jr.
    Recruit Chief Petty Officer
  2. Richard Alemany
    Assistant Petty Officer 1st Class and Honorman
  3. R. S. Pearson
    Academic Award Winner
  4. Jack V. Bruni
    Outstanding Recruit and Master at Arms
  5. S. D. Romine
    Outstanding Recruit

Page One, Row Two

  1. Ronald J. Prokop
    1st Squad. Ldr.
  2. J. A. Alcon
    2nd Squad. Ldr.
  3. D. M. Owens
    3rd Squad. Ldr.
  4. Kaye R. Taylor
  5. 4th Squad. Ldr.
  6. Robert T. Rowe
    5th Squad. Ldr.

Page One, Bottom Row

  1. W. H. Oakes, Jr.
    6th Squad. Ldr.
  2. Milton C. Hayden
  3. Horace W. Morgan
    Mail Petty Officer
  4. Everett D. Dodd
    Educational Petty Officer
  5. Jimmy U. Eicke
    Athletic Petty Officer

Page Two, Top Row

  1. F. B. Andres
  2. F. H. Angeo
  3. Dale D. Barker
  4. Francis L. Boyd
  5. Narciso V. Calvo

Page Two, Row Two

  1. Robert J. Creech
  2. J. C. Creveling, Jr.
  3. Bobby G. Danford
  4. James E. DePew
  5. Ray L. Dern

Page Two, Row Three

  1. R. R. Dieckman
  2. Billie D. Durham
  3. James J. Eicher
  4. G. C. Esquivel
  5. Darold D. Judy

Page Two, Row Four

  1. J. E. LaPlante
  2. Mel C. LeBard
  3. Billy J. Liles
  4. C. E. Lindsey, Jr.
  5. Jose T. Mallari

Page Two, Bottom Row

  1. Romeo F. Marin
  2. Alvin L. McNabb
  3. C. A. Meneses
  4. Kenneth G. Olsen
  5. Richard P. Ortiz

Page Three, Top Row

  1. Harold 0. Patten
  2. L. W. Patterson
  3. Ronney R. Porter
  4. D. K. Regester
  5. Richard E. Rogers

Page Three, Row Two

  1. B. P. Robbins, Jr.
  2. Charles Ruff
  3. J. P. Scanlan, Jr.
  4. Carl P. Scanlan
  5. Eric F. Simpson

Page Three, Row Three

  1. J. N. Snelgrove
  2. Irvan J. Spann
  3. Charles Stroh!
  4. Jimmy W. Swinney
  5. K. Tagaloa

Page Three, Row Four

  1. H. D. Wilmoth
  2. David E. Williams
  3. B. J. Yarrington
  4. D. L. King
  5. G. B. Edwards

Page Three, Bottom Row

  1. K. L. Truesdall

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Company 57-279 Recruits Page One Company 57-279 Recruits Page Two
Company 57-279 Recruits Page One Company 57-279 Recruits Page Two
Company 57-279 Recruits Page Three  
Company 57-279 Recruits Page Three  


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