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1964 Company 080 Great Lakes US Naval Training Center Roster - The Keel

USNTC - Great Lakes - The Keel - Company 80 Yearbook 1964

Recruit roster for Company 80 of the United States Naval Training Center, Recruit Training Command, Great Lakes, Illinois, 1964. Training commenced 28 February 1964 and concluded on 30 April 1964. Commanded by L. Krupinski, GMG, 71 Men Graduated.

Company 80 Command Leaders

Company 80 Graduating Class Roster

  1. G. Stadel
  2. P. Sattler
  3. J. Stanley, Jr.
    First Platoon Leader
  4. P. Boyd
  5. T. Goolsby
    Company Clerk
  6. David S. Bagley
  7. Dwight L. Berend
  8. Robert W. Bierer
  9. R. G. Blanchard
  10. Nile L. Boyce
  11. Thomas K. Brackin
  12. Peter R. Brittain
  13. James P. Brown
  14. James D. Bryant
  15. Raymond D. Bryant
  16. W. E. Chambliss
  17. Gary O. Coleman
  18. David J. Demoor
  19. Roy J. Diamond
  20. John S. Durrant
  21. R. K. England
  22. C. W. Gainer
  23. Jack D. Garrett
  24. Farrell B. Golden
  25. Terry L. Hanson
  26. H. J. Harrison, Jr.
  27. H. W. Hemmerlein
  28. D. R. Hilkemeyer
  29. Alton L. Hill
  30. Richard L. Holt
  31. Dennis R. Isopi
  32. Bobby R. Jackson
  33. J. L. Jackson
  34. C. R. Jeffries
  35. M. J. Kampling
  36. William C. Keech
  37. Jerry L. Latham
  38. R. B. Leblanc, Jr.
  39. Lester T. Lippy
  40. John M. Lochmann
  41. Paul E. Lucas
  42. L. J. Malzman
  43. R. H. Mansfield
  44. Marvin R. Marlin
  45. John A. Maschino
  46. C. G. McMullin
  47. Thomas G. Miller
  48. Dennis M. Moore
  49. Hugh C. Moss
  50. P. M. Neville
  51. H. L. Newman
  52. Dennis M. O'Neill
  53. G. D. Patrick
  54. Edmund S. Pietras
  55. Donald E. Potts
  56. Edward E. Reed, II
  57. C. A. Roberts
  58. Craig A. Setzer
  59. Lorren R. Shell
  60. Michael J. Singer
  61. Morris E. Smith
  62. R. L. Stewart
  63. R. L. Tromly
  64. G. E. Trojahn
  65. Charles T. Varney
  66. Alex W. Ware, Jr.
  67. Marvin L. Wood
  68. Ronald E. Wyatt
  69. William W. Hysler
  70. Thomas N. Walsh
  71. W. M. Shaw
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Recruits, Page 3 Recruits, Page 4


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