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1951 Company 068 Great Lakes US Naval Training Center Roster - The Keel

1951 Company 068 Great Lakes US Naval Training Center Roster - The Keel

Roster for Recruit Company 78 for 1951, United States Naval Training Center, Great Lakes, Illinois. Company Commander: M. E. Smith, QMC. 78 Men Graduated. Training dates not provided.


Company Commander: M. E. Smith, QMC

Company 51-068 Recruits


  1. Bushrod W. Allin, Jr.
  2. Maurice Banks
  3. Richard D. Beideck
  4. Credon E. Bixler
  5. Isaac E. Bomberger


  1. Andrew J. Bower
  2. Phillip H. Bunch
  3. Dale B. Carter
  4. Donald C. Chronister
  5. John J. Coiling. . . .


  1. Marshall T. Cook
  2. Kermit Q. Cosner
  3. Frederick R. Crush
  4. Richard A. Cusick
  5. George W. Darlington
  6. Donald G. Davies
  7. Ray W. Edwards.


  1. Burdett G. Fierstein
  2. Chester Fluck, Jr.
  3. Byron 0. Foster
  4. Charles I. Gallagher
  5. Joseph Gonda
  6. Donald L. Harbaugh
  7. Robert F. Hooe


  1. Richard W. House
  2. Edward L. Johnson
  3. John A. Jones
  4. Kenneth V. Keefauver
  5. Harold L. Kees
  6. Edward P. Kolpack
  7. Morton J. Long


  1. Harry S. Marshall
  2. Joseph B. McCleary
  3. Nicholas Michalerya
  4. Carl H. Moats
  5. Sterlie L. Mullennex
  6. Bernard A. Niadna
  7. Richard A. Ogden

Page Three FIRST ROW:

  1. Harry N. Pogust
  2. Robert A. Posluszny
  3. James E. Recher
  4. Harvey I. Reiseman
  5. James Rex
  6. Roy J. Richardson
  7. Donald E. Robinson

Page Three SECOND ROW:

  1. Clarence E. Shaw
  2. Eugene P. Shreiner
  3. Homer C. Slaughter
  4. Marvin L. Spencer
  5. James D. Stevens
  6. Stephen L. Stewart
  7. Harris Strozier, Jr.

Page Three THIRD ROW:

  1. Bordie L. Taylor
  2. Williams H. Taylor, Jr.
  3. Harvey K. Tiller
  4. Roy M. Tipton, Jr.
  5. Bernard A. Tretick
  6. Stanley G. Webster
  7. Michael H. Welch.

Page Four FIRST ROW:

  1. Jack W. Wilson
  2. Kelvin D. Williams
  3. Carl L. Wilson
  4. James L. Porter
  5. James T. Pranoine
  6. James R. Pullion
  7. William E. Ray


  1. Eugene N. Reichenbach
  2. John J. Revello
  3. James G. Sewalk
  4. Benjamin T. Sheilds
  5. Matthew E. Siehl
  6. Ronald A. Snyder
  7. Michael S. Sramko

Page Four THIRD ROW:

  1. Ronald J. Temsik
  2. Elfred Toney
  3. Paul E. Umbach
  4. Dewayne L. Walters
  5. Robert H. Zientek
Images Available for This Recruit Company
Company 51-068 Recruits Page One Company 51-068 Recruits Page Two

Company 51-068 Recruits Page One

Company Commander

Left: Checking the bulletin board for current assignments.
Right: In Ordnance and Gunnery we acquire precision through practice.

Company 51-068 Recruits Page Two

Above: Learning to use fire fighting equipment.
Right above: Posing with our company flags.
Right: We attend a classroom lecture.

Company 51-068 Recruits Page Three Company 51-068 Recruits Page Four

Company 51-068 Recruits Page Three

Left: We train hard in every phase
of firing rifles to become skilled.
Right: The "Chief" gives some pointers in stowing our gear for bag inspection.

Company 51-068 Recruits Page Four

Left: Much of our training is acquired in the classroom.
Right: Our honor man receives his award and we pass in review on graduation day.

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