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Great Lakes Navy Boot Camp Yearbook 1951 Company 067 - The Keel

1951 Company 067 Great Lakes US Naval Training Center Roster - The Keel

Roster for Recruit Company 67 for 1951, United States Naval Training Center, Great Lakes, Illinois. Company Commander: E. C. Redman, GMC. 70 Men Graduated. Training dates not provided.

E. C. Redman, GMC Company Commander

Company 51-067 Recruits Page One


  1. Michael G. Andreyco,
  2. Ancelo J. Biordi,
  3. Joseph L. Bolich,
  4. Joseph G. Bussle,
  5. James E. Burton

  7. Bruce E. Dickman
  8. Joseph N. Emm
  9. James A. Galloway
  10. Willard B. Gantt
  11. John C. Graybeal
  12. THIRD ROW:

  13. Arthur M. Guerrieri
  14. Thomas H. Hodge, Jr.
  15. Harold E. Innes
  16. Charles H. Jacobs
  17. Walter R. Jasper
  18. Robert P. Jordan
  19. Joseph E. Kaminski
  20. Company 51-067 Recruits Page Two


  21. William F. Kincaid
  22. Bernard H. Kirschner
  23. Marion G. Kokosinski
  24. Richard F. Kresge
  25. Richard K. Krown
  26. Edward E. Landis
  27. William J. Lever

  29. Edward F. Lipsky
  30. Henry A. Marshall
  31. C. W. Mastrangelo
  32. John J. McGeehan
  33. Daniel R. Micucci
  34. Marion M. Miller, Jr.
  35. James G. Mitchell

  37. Ray R. Myers
  38. William J. Palkovits
  39. Richard J. Piekarski
  40. John B. Robeling
  41. Walter Sali, Jr.
  42. William S. Sauter
  43. John H. Schroeder
  44. Company 51-067 Recruits Page Three


  45. Herman E. Schoberg
  46. Donald E. Scott
  47. John E. Shaddinger
  48. Richard H. Stimmler
  49. Ralph C. Stinnett
  50. Joseph Susarchick
  51. Jerome P. Symalla

  53. Aluysius W. Symalla
  54. V. W. Tomalavage
  55. Kostas E. Vasiliadis
  56. Charles E. Voobhees
  57. Michael E. Weber
  58. George E. Williams
  59. Monroe C. Wonder, Jr.
  60. THIRD ROW:

  61. Robert Wyttenhove
  62. William W. Young
  63. Allen, Hillenga
  64. Koncash, Kreiger
  65. Krentz
  66. Company 51-067 Recruits Page Four


  67. Kuvick, Lehr
  68. Lipely, Lloyd
  69. Mahoney
  70. McCutcheon
  71. McDermitt

  73. McKean
  74. McKee
  75. Moyta
  76. Pappas
  77. Park's
  78. Posney
  79. J. R. Cassell
  80. THIRD ROW:

  81. T. C. Corcoran

Images Available For This Recruit Company

Company 51-067 Recruits Page One In the barracks the Chief gives us 'the word' while we make notes of his instructions.
Company 51-067 Recruits Page One Page One Captions
Company 51-067 Recruits Page Two Left: We adjust our masks for drill in the gas chamber.
Right: Combating fires similar to those that might occur aboard ship.
Company 51-067 Recruits Page Two Page Two Captions
Company 51-067 Recruits Page Three Left: In Ordnance and Gunnery we adjust caps for 40 mm. shells and acquire precision on the 5"-38 cal. loading machines.
Above: Our service rifles get thorough cleaning and the target detail "sets 'em up" on the firing line.
Company 51-067 Recruits Page Three Page Three Captions
Company 51-067 Recruits Page Four Clockwise: Commander Hansen congratulates our honor man. . . We pass in final review.... Marching to and from class.... Attending classroom lecture.
Company 51-067 Recruits Page Four Page Four Captions
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