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Navy Boot Camp Yearbook 1952 Company 013 Bainbridge Compass

1952 Recruit Company 13 USNTC Bainbridge Compass Graduation Yearbook

A. BUEREAU, QMSC , Company Commander, COMPANY 13, January-March

Company 52-013 Recruits Page One


  1. Frederic T. Anderson,
  2. William F. Andrews,
  3. Thomas R. Boyd,
  4. William C. Burnett,
  5. Robert M. Byer


  1. William L. Casey,
  2. David A. Cornelius,
  3. Robert M. Covert,
  4. Howard F. Cummings,
  5. O. Debenedictis

Company 52-013 Recruits Page Two


  1. Crawford R. Dettrey,
  2. William Deuber, III,
  3. Charles E. Fisher,
  4. Joseph W. Fisher,
  5. Joseph A. Freeman,
  6. William J. Good,
  7. Richard A. Gregg


  1. Warren G. Grubb, Jr.,
  2. Clifford E. Hockley,
  3. Richard R. Hoke,
  4. Thomas W. Hoot, Jr.,
  5. Richard N. Hugg,
  6. Norman E. Kenney,
  7. John C. Kerstetter

Company 52-013 Recruits Page Three


  1. William H. Lindsay,
  2. James P. Lynch,
  3. Joseph M. Moulds, Jr.,
  4. Leander S. Nevin,
  5. William A. Newcomer,
  6. John E. Newsome, Jr.,
  7. Merrill A. Nichols


  1. Donal R. Paschke,
  2. Richard L. Peiffer,
  3. Robert M. Peiffer, Jr.,
  4. Charles F. Robson,
  5. Roy W. Romberger,
  6. John F. Russell, Jr.,
  7. David G. Schaffer

Company 52-013 Recruits Page Four


  1. Carmen J. Seppy,
  2. Alfred G. Theis,
  3. Harry T. Thrash,
  4. Michael Tomasello,
  5. Gerald E. Tucker,
  6. Jack H. Unger,
  7. Emery R. Whitney


  1. William J. Wilson,
  2. C. Bard, T. Troyano,
  3. M. Zelinski, Paul Froeb,
  4. Ray L. Poland,
  5. P. J. Pasquarella


  1. R. Holtz.


Images for This Recruit Company
Company 52-013 Recruits Page One These are some of the tools of the Fire Fighter (above).... We take a break to pose for the photographer during fire fighting drill (below left). . . . We are waiting for instructions to put the fire out with the Navy all purpose nozzle (below right).
Company 52-013 Recruits Page One Page One Captions
Company 52-013 Recruits Page Two Above: Learning how to hoist and lower a life boat with a scale model to help us.
Top left: Taking notes in a class of "Boat Seamanship".
Middle left: We pose for the photographer at the steam table between meals on service week.
Left: We receive instructions in the proper use of the gas mask.
Company 52-013 Recruits Page Two Page Two Captions
Company 52-013 Recruits Page Three While standing by to receive a message over the sound-powered phone circuit we receive actual practice in The use of it (above, bottom right). . Instructor checks us on particular swimming skill (above right). . .. A group in a steering and sound class poses for the photographer (below).
Company 52-013 Recruits Page Three Page Three Captions
Company 52-013 Recruits Page Four Crew in action during 5" 38 loading drill (left)... . Receiving instruction on Navy ammunition types and how to recognize them (above). . . . The instructor shows us how to feed the 40 MM automatic loading machine (below).
Company 52-013 Recruits Page Four Page Four Captions


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