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All Hands Magazine 1945-1991

All Hands Magazine, a publication also known as Bureau of Naval Personnel Information Bulletin, is published monthly in Washington, D. C., by the Bureau of Naval Personnel for the information and interest of the naval service as a whole.

All Hands Magazine Archives Index
Front Cover Issue Featured Articles
1945-01 All Hands Magazine 1945-01 Issue
January 1945 Aboard one of the Navy's new battleships a BMIc takes appropriate action on the subject at hand: a fried-chicken Sunday dinner. Articles include Reducing the Human Cost of War; School Credit for Navy Work; Navy Mail; Veterans Got Many New Benefits in '44; More.
April 1945 Issue All Hands Magazine 1945-04 Issue
April 1945 Iwo: D-Plus-Four April 1945 Issue features the Battle for Iwa Jima with additional articles including Bottled Blood, Along the Road to Tokyo, Fleet Admiral King Reports and Mission to Arabia.
1945-05 All Hands Magazine 1945-05 Issue
May 1945 May 1945 Issue of All Hands Magazine features coverage of the late President Franklin D. Roosevelt, The Sailor President. Other Articles Include On Japan's Doorstep, Along the Road to Tokyo; Navy Sails the Rhine; More.
October 1945 Issue All Hands Magazine 1945-10 Issue
October 1945 October 1945 Issue of All Hands features articles on the Navy's Post war plans; Underwater Demolition; Lone Wolf Prowlers; and The Global Navy.
December 1945 Issue All Hands Magazine 1945-12 Issue
December 1945 Special Section: The Navy and World War II. Listing of All U.S. Naval Vessels Lost During WW2. 80 Pages.
March 1946 Issue All Hands Magazine 1946-02 Issue
February 1946 Why You're Where You Are, Japan's Boneyard Fleet, The Meaning of Sea-Air Power (Admiral Nimitz) Organizing the Navy for Peace. 80 Pages.
March 1946 Issue All Hands Magazine 1946-03 Issue
March 1946 Facing The Atomic Age, Navy's Postwar Fleets, Big Boom at Bikini, Looking Ahead at Rates and Ratings, The Navy's Civilians, PT Boats Retired. 80 Pages.
April 1946 Issue All Hands Magazine 1946-04 Issue
April 1946 Operation Icebox - Eyes North. Higher Pay On The Way, Rio de Janeiro, Backstage at Bikini, Navigating by Loran, Atom ABCs, Speeding the Words of War, Rendezvous With A Bomb. 80 Pages.
May 1946 Issue All Hands Magazine 1946-05 Issue
May 1946 Buck Rogers Navy, Without A Trace - 5 Surface Ships Vanished in 1942, The Navy's Victory in Europe, Anti-Sub, Combat in Color, Flattop In The Artic. 80 Pages.
June 1946 Issue All Hands Magazine 1946-06 Issue
June 1946 Puppet Planes - F6F Drones, Caribbean Drill, Sub Raiders of Tomorrow, For Valor In Action - 24 Heroes, Saga if POWs, Training Duty for Reservists, Mining The Pacific, Moch-Up For Battle. 80 Pages.
July 1946 Extra Edition Issue All Hands Magazine 1946-07 Issue
July 1946 Extra Edition Atomic Bomb Test Extra, Bikini Bullseye, A Basic Course In Nuclear Physics. 52 Pages.
October 1946 Issue All Hands Magazine 1946-10 Issue
October 1946 A Ricksha Liberty In Shanghai, Visiting Firemen from Portuguese Navy, Careers For Veterans, Today's Navy. 64 Pages.
November 1946 Issue All Hands Magazine 1946-11 Issue
November 1946 Ships of the Future, Mascots, Reserve Sailors, Operation Blue Nose, Tugs O' War, Stalker of Subs. 64 Pages.
July 1947 Issue All Hands Magazine 1947-07 Issue
July 1947 This Issue features Navy Sports, The Future of the Navy, Scope Schools, Submarines, High Speed Lifesaving and a special section on Decorations, Ribbons and Medals.
1948-01 All Hands Magazine 1948-01 Issue
January 1948  
June 1949 Issue All Hands Magazine 1949-06 Issue
June 1949 Rough Duty 0 Deep-Water Broncs, Navy Super Plane - Constitution, World's Sea Lanes, Hospital Corpsmen, Today's Navy, Book Supplement: Attack of the Horse Marines - Amphibious Force of the Civil War. 64 Pages.
July 1949 Issue All Hands Magazine 1949-07 Issue
July 1949 Salvage Saga, Ambassadors of Goodwill, Communications Aboard Ship, Navl Couresy Ashore and Afloat, 64 Pages.
January 1950 Issue All Hands Magazine 1950-01 Issue
January 1950 January 1950 Issue feature articles included Enlisted Wave College Grads May Apply For Commissions, Official Navy Ship Designations, CPO Clubs, Today's Navy, and Off-Duty Hours In Berlin, Germany.
December1950 Issue All Hands Magazine 1950-12 Issue
December 1950 December 1950 Issue is devoted to covering the Navy and Atomic Warefare - battling the atomic bomb. Additional features include Today's Navy and Sports and Recreation Roundup.
April 1953 Issue All Hands Magazine 1953-04 Issue
April 1953 Atomic Age Goes Beneath the Surface, Today's Navy, Book Supplement: Prison Camp Escape - 1918. Many Photographs and Illustrations. 64 Pages.
1953-10 All Hands Magazine 1953-10 Issue
October 1953 Featured articles include Liberty in Venice; Air Traffic Cops in Amphib Assults; EMs Break Records at Officer Candidate School; Navy and Marine Prisoners of War Return to Free Life; Today's Navy; More.
February 1954 Issue All Hands Magazine 1954-02 Issue
February 1954 Navy Photogs Have All-Seeing Eyes, Today's Navy, Making Roadmaps for the High Seas. Many Photographs and Illustrations. 64 Pages
1955-07 All Hands Magazine 1955-07 Issue
July 1955 Featured Articles include: Power-Packing AEs Deliver Hot Goods; Navy 'Choppers' Pass Grinding Tests; Sky Slicers; Medic Battalion; Special Feature: A Report from Chief of Naval Personnel : What's Your Next Duty Station?; More.
1961-06 All Hands Magazine 1961-06 Issue
June 1961 Special Issue of All Hands features articles covering Fifty Years of Naval Aviation including The Aircraft Carrier: A Thumbnail History; CarQuals; Hawks to Crusaders: Evolution of a Fighter Squadron; More.
1963-02 All Hands Magazine 1963-02 Issue
February 1963  
March 1963 Issue All Hands Magazine 1963-03 Issue
March 1963 March 1963 Edition features articles on the USS Enterprise - Aircraft carrier of the future, British and US Cross-decking and Damage Control Parties.
July 1966 Issue All Hands Magazine 1966-07 Issue
July 1966 July 1966 Edition feature articles: Navy Ratings: A Key to a Career including Brief Descriptions of Navy Skills, Navy Relief Society Ladies and A Navy Nurse At Sea.
October 1967 Issue All Hands Magazine 1967-10 Issue
October 1967 October1967 Issue Feature Articles includes Battle Wagon - A New Chapter; Navy Cartoon Kings; Navy Sports Champtions, Building A Church; Visit to Great Lakes - The Second Time Around.
1973-08 All Hands Magazine 1973-08 Issue
1973-09 All Hands Magazine 1973-09 Issue
1975-08 All Hands Magazine 1975-08 Issue
June 1977 Issue All Hands Magazine 1977-06 Issue
June 1977 The View From Gitmo; Fleet Home Town News Center; Scuba Diving - The Sea Floor Comes Alive; My Complements To The Cook.
April 1980 Issue All Hands Magazine 1980-04 Issue
April 1980 P-3 Flight Engineers, Finding the Right Career in the Navy, Getting More For The Money, Diesel Boat Tang, Goodwill Ships in South Pacific, New Kind of Training in the Navy. 48 Pages.
August 1985 Issue All Hands Magazine 1985-08 Issue
August 1985 August 1985 Edition features articles on The Naval Reserve, The Navy's BOOST program, Navy Pathologist, Managing Your Money.
Desert Storm Special Issue of All Hands Magazine from 1991 1991 Desert Storm Special Issue
1991 Special Issue Special issue covers the Gulf War in its Entirety from invasion to liberation featuring articles about the Navy's role in the War, the victory at sea, Navy Medicine, and return home.
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