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Military Archives of the Gjenvick-Gjønvik Archives

U.S. Navy Archives United States Navy Archives
Articles, Books, Brochures (Booklets, Brochures, Pamphlets, Leaflets, Flyers); Cruse Books; Navy Documents; Magazines (All Hands, Approach, Naval Aviation News, Naval History, Naval Institute Proceedings; Navy: Sea Power; Our Navy; The Hook: Journal of Carrier Aviation; TraNavy) Special Collections; and U.S. Naval Training Center Graduation Yearbooks ( Bainbridge, Great Lakes, Orlando, San Diego.
U.S. Army Archives United States Army Archives
Books, Brochures, Magazines (Army Digest, Yank), The Draft / Selective Service System, Training Centers (Camp Devens, Camp Dix, Camp Grant, Camp Pike, Camp Zachary Taylor, Fort Benning, Fort Campbell, Fort Dix), Unit Histories (88th Division, 346th Infantry, 351st Infantry).
U. S. Marine Corps Holdings United States Marine Corps Holdings
Recruit Training Depots : Parris Island, San Diego
World War I Archives World War I Archives
Books, Brochures, Correspondence, Documents, French Currency, Newspapers, Soldiers Bonus, Soldiers Diary, The Draft
World War II Archives World War II Archives
Books, Brochures, Documents, Magazines, War Ration Books and Rationing, Battle of the Bulge Interview with survivor George Knaphus.
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United States Military Archives

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