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Immigration Archives - Steamship Ticket Record - Union-Castle Mail Steamship Company, Limited 1904

Steamship Ticket Record - Union-Castle Mail Steamship Company, Limited 1904

1904-10-08 Steamship Ticket Record - Union-Castle Mail Steamship Company, Limited - Counterpart of Steerage Passenger's Contract Ticket, R.M.S. Arundel Castle, Southampton to Cape Town.

The Union-Castle Mail Steamship Company, Limited.

DONALD CURRIE & CO., Managers.

Steamship Arundel Castle


No. 48799

This part of the Contract Ticket is to be separated from the other and is to be delivered by the passenger to the Emigration Officer, at the Pert of Embarkation (or if no such Officer, to the Officer of Customs), or to any one appointed by him to receive it, under a Penalty not exceed- h tg
ing £10.


We engage that the Persons mentioned below shall be provided wit a STEERAGE Passage to, and be landed at the Port of Cape Town in the Steamship Arundale Castle of -- Tons, with not less than 20 Cubic Feet for Luggage for each Statute Adult, and shall be victualled during the whole Voyage according to the Dietary Scale prescribed by Law. The Ship to receive her Passengers in LONDON on the -- and at SOUTHAMPTON on the eighth day of October 1904

Passage Money, including Government Dues, if any, and all Charges of Landing,

£ 33 : 12 : 0


Wm. G. Parker Age 34

Herbert Kerr Age 32

Two Souls, equal to Two Statute Adults.

For DONALD CURRIE & CO., Managers of

To be signed in full by the Party issuing the Ticket.


* Insert Number of Souls and of Statute Adults respectively.

Relative Cost of Passage Ticket in Today's Currency Value

In 2013, the relative value of £33 12s   0d from 1904 ranges from £3,159.00 to £28,290.00.

Current data is only available till 2011. In 2011, the relative worth of £33 12s 0d from 1904 is:

£2,970.00 using the retail price index
£3,520.00 using the GDP deflator
£11,600.00 using the average earnings
£18,400.00 using the per capita GDP
£27,000.00 using the share of GDP

Lawrence H. Officer and Samuel H. Williamson, "Five Ways to Compute the Relative Value of a UK Pound Amount, 1270 to Present," MeasuringWorth, 2014 .

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