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1880 Prepaid Steerage Steamship Ticket

Immigration Archives - Steamship Ticket, White Star Line, Steerage Prepaid - 1880

This is the Agent's Record for a Prepaid passage on a White Star Line Steamship for passage from Cardiff, Whales, UK to Scranton PA via Steerage class in 1880.

Information Transcribed from Ticket

Ticket Number: 40915

White Star Line

Steerage Prepaid

Agents' Record

Date Sold: 29 May 1880

Name of Intending Passenger: John Price; Age: 43

One Adult Zero Child Zero Infant

Amount Received, including Fare from Cardiff to Scranton? $ 32.00

Deduct Agent's Commission $2.30

Net [ To White Star Line ]: 29.70

Purchased by Abraham Price

Address: Hyde Park [NY]

Date Remitted: 4 June 1880

Vertical handwritten note: $29.30 Paid by 1st Nat Check No. 13, June 8, 1880

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