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Immigration Archives - Immigrant ID Card for Non-Quota Immigration Visa - 1928

Example of an Immigrant ID Card issued by the US Department of Labor for Non-Quota Immigration Visa in 1928 to a Peruvian refugee Jose Mario Farban of Lima, Peru.

Immigrant Identification Card, United States Department of Labor, 1928

Immigrant Identification Card

United States Department of Labor

Reverse Side of Immigrant Identification Card

Immigrant Identification Card - Reverse Side - 1928


Department of State of the United States of America

American Consulate at Callao-Lima, Peru

July 26, 1928

This card is issued for the Identification of the person whose name appears on the reverse side as the bearer of Non Quota Immigration Visa No. 20 Issued by this Consulate.


This Card is Not Transferable and will not be valid until duly signed by an Immigrant Inspector at a Port of Entry to the United States.


/s/ Samuel Roberts, Consul of the U.S.A.

Note: After 1928, all immigrants admitted with a visa were issued an Immigrant Identification Card with a Photograph of the Immigrant such as you see in the above document from the Archives.

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