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Immigration Archives - Inspection Card for Immigrants and Steerage Passengers - 1913

Sanitary Inspection 10 June 1913

for Ludvig Gjønvik

Section A, Room 57 aboard the R.M.S. Laconia

Inspection Card - Cunard Line Laconia - 1913 - Front

Front Side of Immigrant and Steerage Passengers' Inspection Card - 1913

Immigrant Inspection Card - 1913 - Reverse Side

Reverse Side of Immigrants and Steerage Passengers Inspection Card - 1913

Immigrant Ludvig Gjønvik from Trondheim, Norway circa 1913

Norwegian Immigrant, Ludvig Gjønvik circa 1913

Learn more about Ludvig Gjønvik, a Norwegian immigrant to America in 1913:

An Immigrant's Story


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