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Vintage Travel Brochures & Pamphlets - Steamships and Ocean Liners (Transcribed and Uploaded)

Collage of Steamship and Maritime Brochures available at the Archives

The Steamship / Ocean Liner brochures offers the Family History Researcher an opportunity to lear more about the accommodations, rates for passage, the steamships and they offer numerous interior and exterior photographs - great for augmenting the family history. An excellent Genealogy Resource!

Allan Line Royal Mail Steamers

1907 Second Cabin Brochure from the Allan Line Royal Mail Steamers

1908 Brochure Second Cabin Accommodations and Allan Line Fleet Information

Superb early twentieth century brochure provides information on second cabin passenger accommodations, sample menu, a complete Allan Line fleet list, many interior photographs, deck plans and photographs of the officers and crew of the S. S. Corsican.

American Line

American Line, Southampton - New York Service, First Cabin Rates - 1901 Brochure

American Line, Southampton - New York Service, First Cabin Rates - 1901 Brochure

This 1901 Brochure covers First Cabin Travel on the Steamships of the American Line and includes Deck Plans, Rates for Transatlantic Travel and General Passenger Information.

American Line 1907 Brochure - Philadelphia - Queenstown - Liverpool

1907 Brochure Second Cabin Accommodations and Services (Philadelphia - Queenstown - Liverpool)

Brochure covers the American Line Philadelphia to Queenstown (Cobh) to Liverpool service in 1907. Offers a schedule of sailings, rates and bill of fare (typical food served for each meal) and includes information for passengers for each port of call, other points of interest, railways and rates. Special sections on Scandinavian ports, purchasing return tickets, foreign money, valuables and passport requirements. Brochure includes ten interior and exterior photographs.

Anchor Line

1902 Anchor Line Brochure

1902 Second Saloon and Third Class Rates and Accommodations - New York and Glasgow

This small brochure packs a lot of information about accommodations for their immigrant passengers traveling in second saloon and third class at the turn of the twentieth century. Provides fares charged between Glasgow, Londonderry and New York for Second Saloon and Third Class.

1911 Anchor Line Brochure - Excursion Season

1911 Brochure Anchor Line Excursion Season 1911 Special Attractions

Comprehensive brochure offers 14 photographs and illustrations with a glimpse of first class travel circa 1910 featuring the steamship Columbia. Includes a great photograph of the Anchor Line Pier filled with people meeting the ship. Features large photographs of the promenade deck, first cabin dining saloon and stateroom. Gives a brief description of second cabin accommodations.

1912 Anchor Line Information for Passengers: Tours in Ireland, Scotland and England

Information for Passengers - a 1912 brochure from Anchor Line

Exquisite brochure from 1912 offers an excellent glimpse of cabin class travel aboard steamships of that era. This booklet was produced after the Anchor Line's Newest steamship - The Cameronia in 1911. This brochure is nearly identical in content to their 1911 Brochure of Special Attractions for the Excursion Season (above) . Offers additional photographs of the T. S. S. California and Caledonia, First Cabin Music Saloon and Smoking Room, and four female passengers Enjoying the View On Deck.

1926 Brochure: New Anchor Line Fleet : Anchor Line to Ireland & Scotland

The New Anchor Line Fleet - 1926 - Anchor Line to Ireland & Scotland

24 Pages packed with 22 Photographs, mostly interior views - Cabin Class. Covers the Caledonia, California, Cameronia, Transylvania and Tuscania. Includes Anchor Line Map of Irish Coast & Firth of Clyde. Excellent large photographs make this an exceptional brochure.

Baltic America Line

Baltic America Line 1912 Brochure

1920s Brochure: Baltic America Line Fleet - Includes the Steamships: Latvia, Polonia, Lithuania and Estonia

This post World War I brochure published circa 1920 offers a rare look at the Baltic America Line and its fleet of steamships consisting of the Latvia, Polonia, Lituania and Estonia. This line covered the routes between New York, Hamburg, Danzig, Libau and Halifax. Large interior and exterior photographs offers views of an intermediate class steamship.

Baltimore Mail Line

CGT-French Line

Cunard Line

Dominion Line

Hamburg-American Line (Hamburg-Amerika Linie)

International Mercantile Marine Company (IMM)

Lamport & Holt Line

North German Lloyd (Norddeutscher Lloyd)


Scandinavian American Line (Skandinavien Amerika Linie)

Trondheim, Norway

United States Lines

White Star Line

World Traveler Magazine

Multi or Joint Line Issued Brochures

Scientific American Travel Guides

Other Brochures in the Archives, In the Queue For Uploading

See Individual Steamship Lines for Brochure Not Yet Uploaded and Steamship Line Specific Brochures.

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