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Northland Cruise - Hamburg American Line - 1908 Book of Photographs

A priceless photographic record of the Fleet of the Hamburg-American Line and the Cities, Towns, Fjords of Norway. Excellent photographic quality of these prints makes this an exception collection of the Gjenvick-Gjønvik Archives. The selections of photographs are organized by general topics or subjects.

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Photographs of Hamburg-American Line Steamships

  1. S.S. Blücher (1902)
    Photographs include: Exterior view of the S.S. Blücher Departing from Cuxhaven, Ladies Salon, Music Salon, Light Shaft, First Class Dining Salon, The Grill Room, In Hardangerfjord, At Trondhjem - View of Harbor, At Bellsund Fjord, Spitsbergen, At Bellsund Fjord, Spitsbergen - Passengers Loading onto Tender, In the Advent Bay, Spitsbergen. Passengers awaiting to board tender at the dock, In the Advent Bay, Spitsbergen, In Raftsund, Lofoten, Digermulen, Norway, In Geirangerfjord (Geirangerfjorden), Møre og Romsdal, Norway, In Geirangerfjord, and Passengers for the S.S. Blücher on Nærøyfjorden at Gudvangen.
  2. S.S. Prinzessin Victoria Luise (1900)
    Photographs include: Exterior view of the S.S. Prinzessin Victoria Luise (1900), Smoke Shop, Conversation Salon, Gymnasium, Inner promenade space, At Odda Fjord, at Odda, At Molde, At Naes (Romsdal), At Tromsø, At Bergen with tenders along side, and View of the S.S. Prinzessin Victoria Luise from the shore with two women and 8 children in the foreground.
  3. S.S. Oceana (1905)
    Photographs include: Exterior view of the S.S. Oceana, Part of the Upper Dining Hall, View of the Dining Room looking down through the Light Shaft, and Gymnasium.
  4. S.S. Meteor (1904)
    Photographs include: Exterior view of the S.S. Meteor On the High Seas; Promenade Deck; Meeting Room; First Class Dining Salon; Smoking Room; View of the S.S. Meteor while anchored at Naes with view of parking lot full of the traditional two-wheel buggies called Stolkjaerre; At the sea port of Aalesund; A crowd gatheres at the pier watching the S.S. Meteror at the Pier at Aalesund; View of the S.S. Meteor looking towards the shoreline at Aalesund; Passengers boarding the tender heading to the S.S. Meteor at the village of Merok, Geiranger Fjord, Norway; In Geiranger Fjord with view of Stave Church in the foreground; View of immigrants and tourist passengers on deck; Anchored in the Fjord at the Village of Merok; In Naerofjord near Gudvangen, Sognefjord, Norway; At Bergen showing three Norwegian women at the dock relaxing; and View of the S.S. Meteor and Two well-dressed women on the pier in Bergen, Norway.
  5. S.S. Auguste Victoria (1881)
    Photographs include: The S.S. Auguste Victoria in the harbor at Bell Sund, Spitsbergen; In the harbor at Bell Sund. Visitors on shoreline watch tender take passengers to the ship; Anchored in the harbor at Advent Bay, Spitsbergen; In Merok, Geiranger Fjord, Norway - A tender is arriving with load of passengers; off the Norwegian coast - two Norwegian peasant girls in foreground.

Photographs of Norwegian Ports of Call

  1. Odda - Hardangerfjord, Norway
    Photographs include: Odda (Hardanger) Norway; View of the harbor; Country road; Group of Hotels at Odda. Women in foreground are wearing the tradition Norwegian costume or Bunad; Hotels and waterfront buildings / homes; On the way to the Lotefos; Street in Odda showing residents wearing typical modes of dress for the period; Bridge at Odda on Hardanger; the road to Lotefos Waterfalls; and Grand Hotel at Odda showing visitors arriving by small water craft.
  2. Hardanger, Norway
    Photographs include: Buarbrae Glacier (Hardanger); and Buarbrae Glacier - View of Woman in Traditional Norwegian Costume (Bunad) in Foreground.
  3. Molde, Norway
    Images include: Harbor Master Viewing Steamship in the Harbor; and Photo 041: Annual Road in Molde with Corner of Beer Stein Shop on left.
  4. Naes (Romsdal)
    Photographs include: View of Naes Harbor, Rowboats and larger Steamship in foreground; Water Rapids in Naes (Romsdal); Romsdal at Naes; and Morning in Romsdal Horn. Scene depicts a traditional mode of transportation, the Stolkjaerre or two wheeled, horse-drawn buggie, a common sight throughout Norway.
  5. Trondheim Norway
    Photographs include: Trondhjem - View of Nidelva River; Busy Street View of Trondhjem, Munkegaden (Munkegade); Photo 053: Fishmarket in Trondhjem at Munkegata, Ravnkloa by the Trondhjem Fjord; View of House On Lerfos at Trondhjem; The Upper Lerfos near Trondhjem; and View of the Water Falls at the Lower Lerfos.
  6. Tromsoe / Tromsø, Norway
    Photographs include: Tromsø in the light of the midnight sun. Small watercraft in foreground and unidentified steamship in background; A View of the Harbor of Tromsøm Norway; and View of a busy street in Tromsø, Norway.
  7. Hammerfest, Norway
    Photographs include: View of Hammerfest Harbor; The Town of Hammerfest with a View of the Harbor in the Background; A Band Concert at the Pier at Hammerfest Harbor draws a large crowd; People in Hammerfest Observing the Meridian Column. Steamship in Background; Children sitting on bench near the Meridian Column, Steamshp anchored in the Harbor at Hammerfest; and At the Quai in Hammerfest; Passengers embark on the tendor heading for the Steamship anchored in the Harbor
  8. Spitzbergen (Spitsbergen), Norway
    Photographs include: In Bellsund Fjord, Spitsbergen with view of two steamships in the background; Passengers boarding tender at Bellsund Fjord, Spitsbergen; Another view of Passengers boarding tender at Bellsund Fjord, Spitsbergen; Bellsund Fjord, Spitsbergen; View of Glacier at Bellsund Fjord, Spitsbergen; The graves of shipwrecked in Foreground with view of two steamships in background in Advent Bay, Spitsbergen; View of Advent Bay, Spitsbergen. Steamship anchored in harbor in background; and At the advent Bay, Spitsbergen.
  9. Geirangerfjord / The Geiranger Fjord (The Geirangerfjord) in Ålesund, Norway
    Photographs include: View of a coastal steamer at the village of Merok in Geiranger Fjord, Norway; The Seven Sisters waterfalls located a few kilometers from the village of Gieranger. Seven Sisters is aptly named from the seven separate streams that join at the top of the falls; View of the Fjord and coastal steamer from the village of Merok in Geiranger Fjord, Norway; Country road at the village of Merok with the Roman inspired Arched bridge over the roadway; View of Merok and the Fjord; View of the village of Merok as seen from across the Fjord. Visable are a number of farm buildings, Church and the village of Merok on the far right side; View of the landscape on the way to the hotel Udsigten at Merok; View of the hotel guests relaxing on the front porch; Hotel Udsigten in Merok - The hotel is located high in the hills near the top center of the photograph; and Waterfall at the hotel Udsigten at Merok.
  10. Gudvangen in inner Nærøyfjorden, Arland municipality, Norway
    Photographs include: A scene of the fjord and village of Gudvangen in inner Nærøyfjorden, Arland municipality, Norway; View of the Village - The Viking Hotel and Café is at the center of the photograph; Scene of the Viking Hotel and Café showing a women dressed in traditional Norwegian costume or Bunad; View from a rocky outcrop at Gudvangen; Rowing exercises in Nærøyfjorden at Gudvangen; View of road on Nærøyfjorden showing Fjording or Norwegian Fjord Horse pulling a two-wheeled buggie known as the Stolkjaerre; View of a Norwegian Coastal Steamer in the Nærøyfjorden near Gudvangen, Norway; Norwegian woman at Nærøyfjorden wearing a traditional Norwegian Folk Costume or Bunad; Mineral formations found near Gudvangen; and Departure from Gudvangen after Stalheim showing much traffic - all horse drawn vehicles.
  11. Voss Municipality, Norway including the villages of Stalheim and Vossevangen in Hordaland, Norway.
    Photographs include: Scene On the way to Stalheim; View of the Hotel Stalheim at Närötal; and Another view of the Hotel Stalheim at Vossevangen.


  • Photo 124: Gesamtanansicht von Bergen
  • Photo 125: Bergen Fischmarkt
  • Photo 126: Bergen Fischmarkt
  • Photo 131: In der Umgegend von Bergen
  • Photo 132: In der Umgegend von Bergen
  • Photo 133: Nestun bei Bergen


  • Photo 067: Nordkap bei der Mitternachtssonne / North Cape in the midnight sun
  • Photo 068: Die Bäreninsel / The Bear Island
  • Photo 085: Digermulen Lofoten, Norway
  • Photo 090: Seiner Majestät Yacht Hohenzollern vor Laerdalsöerne / His Majesty yacht Hohenzollern before Laerdalsöerne. The German Emperor's Yacht, SMY Hohenzollern is pictured on the right and 2 o'clock.

About the Photograph Book

Nordland Fahrten (Northland Trips) is a rare book from the Hamburg-Amerika Line with over 150 pages of photographs of their steamships, exterior and interior views, decks, and the fjords, villages and scenery of Norway. The book measures 12 3/8" by 10" and is entitled "Hamburg-Amerika Linie Nordland=Fahrten." The covers are alligator like leather. Gold lettering and a gold medallion of a ship appear on the front cover.

A priceless photographic record of the Fleet of the Hamburg-American Line and the Cities, Towns, Fjords of Norway. Excellent photographic quality of these prints makes this an exceptional collection of the Gjenvick-Gjønvik Archives.

Note: There are a total of 159 photographs that comprise this collection.

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