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Photographs of the S.S. Hamburg - from a Hamburg-American Line 1905 Brochure

Five interior views of the luxurious Hamburg-American Line steamship S.S. Hamburg including the Promenade Deck, Main Dining Saloon and Smoking Room. Photographs from the 1905 Brochure - Across the Atlantic.

Promenade Deck S.S. Hamburg

Promenade Deck - S. S. Hamburg

Main Saloon - S.S. Hamburg

Main Dining Saloon - S. S. Hamburg

Music Room - S.S. Hamburg

Music Room - S. S. Hamburg

Vestibule and Companionway S.S. Hamburg

Vestibule and Companionway - S. S. Hamburg

Corner of Smoking Room - S.S. Hamburg

Corner of Smoking Room - S. S. Hamburg

Other Steamship Photographs from Across the Atlantic 1905 Brochure

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