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Fleet of Steamships, Directors, Offices and Agencies - 1893 Cunard Passenger's Log Book

The Cunard Passenger Log Book - 1893

This page covers the fleet of the Cunard Line as of 1893, the Directors, the Principle Offices in Liverpool and the primary agencies in the UK and Abroad. There is also the standard Eastbound and Westbound sailing schedules.

Fleet Of Steamships -- Ocean Service

  1. Campania
  2. Lucania
  3. Umbria
  4. Etruria
  5. Aurania
  6. Servia
  7. Gallia
  8. Bothnia
  9. Scythia
  10. Pavonia
  11. Cephalonia
  12. Catalonia
  13. Samaria
  14. Atlas
  15. Marathon
  16. Saragossa
  17. Kedar
  18. Morocco
  19. Palmyra
  20. Tarifa
  21. Aleppo
  22. Trinidad
  23. Cherbourg
  24. British Queen

The Cunard Steam Ship Company, Ltd.

Directors, Principal Officers, Principal Establishments, &c,


  • Sir John Burns, Bart., Chairman Of The Board.
  • David Jardine, Chairman Of Executive Committee.
  • Wilfrid A. Bevan
  • Sir Wm. Bower Forwood.
  • William Cunard
  • John Williamson


  • THOMAS BOUMPHREY, General Manager
  • ALBERT P. MOORHOUSE, Secretary
  • Commander WM. WATSON, R.N.R., General Superintendent
  • JAMES BAIN, R.N.R., Superintendent Engineer


Great Britain & Ireland

  • Liverpool
    • 8 Water St. (Head Office)
    • 1 Rumford Street.
  • London
    • Palmerston Buildings, Bishopsgate St., E.C.
    • 13 Pall Mall, S.W.
  • Glasgow-30 Jamaica Street.
  • Manchester—18 Brazenose Street.
  • Queenstown-3 Scott's Square.
  • Belfast-49 Queen's Square.


  • New York—Vernon H. Brown &Co., 4 Bowling Green.
  • Boston—Alex. Martin, 99 State St.
  • Chicago—F. G. Whiting, 131 Randolph Street.
  • Havre—James Winning, 21 Quai d'Orleans.
  • Paris—Antoni Drouard, 38 Avenue de I'Opera.

Sailings from Liverpool for New York every Saturday and alternate Tuesday ; and for Boston every Thursday.

Sailings from New York every Saturday and alternate Tuesday; and from Boston every Saturday.

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