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Grand Concert Program, S.S. Minnekahda, Atlantic Transport Line, 29 July 1928

Rare Musical Concert Program from the S.S. Minnekahda of the Atlantic Transport Line from 29 July 1928, on a westbound voyage from London to New York via Boulogne-sur-Mer.

Front Cover

Entertainment Committee

  • Captain J. JENSEN, Honorary Chairman
  • Dr. Z. R. MORGAN, Chairman
  • Rev. Dr. ATKINSON, Treasurer


  • Mr. Justin B. Cain
  • Beatrice C. Goldstein
  • Mr. Louis S. Bezena
  • Miss Helen Lewis
  • Miss Agnes Fraser
  • Mrs. A. B. Applebee
  • Miss G. G. Hawes
  • Mr. Louis A. Buendia
  • H. D. Funk, Bandmaster

Grand Concert
Under the Patronage ol Captain J. JENSEN, Lt Cmdr U.S.N.R.F.
Held on Board S.S. “MINNEKAHDA”
LONDON to NEW YORK Calling at Boulogne
Sunday, July 29th, 1928 - at 9:00 p.m.


  • Overture: “Opera Mirror” Selection Orchestra
  • Song: “Sylvia” Miss Edna Leucht
  • Selections: from “The Show-Boat” Orchestra
  • Violin Solo: “MEDITATIONS of THAIS” Miss A. Ware
  • Selection: Victor Herbert’s “Favorites” Orchestra
  • Song: “Happy Go Lucky Lane” Miss Eleanor Terry

Awarding Of Prizes Community Singing “Star Spangled Banner”

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Front Cover Entertainment Committee Grand Concert Program
Front Cover Entertainment Committee Grand Concert Program

Prepared 2015-06-03 by Paul K. Gjenvick, MAS, Archivist

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