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Concert Program, S.S. Leviathan, United States Lines, 21 June 1928

The Concert Program included Music Selections, Reading and a Playlet. Very detailed graphic cover for this program for the Second Class passengers on the Flagship of the United States Lines S.S. Leviathan, the former Vaterland.

Front Cover, Music Concert Program, S.S. Leviathan, United States Lines, 21 June 1928

Given on Board the
Flagship “Leviathan”
In The
Second Class
Thursday, June 21, 1928

Mr. C. Lowell Lees, Master of Ceremonies

  • Mr. C. Lowell Lees
  • Mr. William Stout
  • Mr. Sharp W. Daynes, Recreation Director


  1. Tenor Solo
    Mr. Eugene Bean
  2. Clog Dance
    Mr. Loraine Whiteley
  3. Trombone Solo
    Mr. Melvin Allen
  4. Reading
    Mr. John Rowell
  5. (a) Cavalleria Rusticana Mascagni
    (b) Selected
    Mr. Frank De Briae, Pianist
  6. Playlet “Elmer.” Sketch from W. C. Fields.
    Mrs. Flamdibble Miss Marie Lischko
    Mr. Flamdibble Mr. R. W. Hurzler
    Scene, Their Apt. at 4 a.m. Time, any place any where
    Staged and Directed by Mr. Maurice Bernard.
  7. (a) Sonata in C Minor (1st Movement) Grieg
    (b) Romance Winiawski
    (c) Obertas Winiawski
    Mr. Edmund Zygman, Violinist
  8. (a) Romance Sihelius
    (b) Homeward Bound Grieg
    Mr. Axel Skjerne, Pianist
  9. (a) La Boheme (Aria) Puccini
    (b) Irmelin Rose Wolff
    (c) Do Not Go, My Love Hageman
    (d) Biens Aurore Ar. A. L.
    Miss Charlotte Simons, Soloist

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Front Cover Title Page Program
Front Cover Title Page Program

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