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The Art of Rosette Cooking

Ursula Kaiser, The Art of Rosette Cooking,   © n.d., Kalkus-Hirco, Lyons, Illinois, Soft Cover, 89 Pages. 


The Art of Rosette Cooking

Kalkus-Hirco, 1990. "Ursula Kaiser, owner of Kalkus-Hirco, Inc. is sharing with you, in this her first volume, some of her recipes and hints on how to have fun in your kitchen using the Kalkus-Hirco Rosette irons; Tartmaster and Krimput Sealer.

Her enthusiasm for fine dining pleasures reaches all ethnic groups. The many shapes and designs of the Kalkus-Hirco rosette irons, seasoned with the variety of batter recipes, opens the door to endless culinary creations for you, your family and guests to enjoy." Scarce, Out Of Print, Book. . Soft Cover. Very Good. 6 x 8.75 in., 89 Pages.

This is a complete guide on rosette cooking -- history -- molds are shown (line drawings) -- there are 33 batter recipes -- recipes using the rosettes -- craft ideas for rosette ornaments.

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